Bulletin 3298
AIR Show Debrief  
April 20th 2023
President Peter's Report
I think quite a few Rotarians were feeling a little bit weary after the Airshow weekend, a mixture of exhaustion both physically and mentally.
The Airshow has exceeded our expectations and there is no doubt that the Barossa Airshow is now the Club’s prime event and has/will generate the vast bulk of income to fund our programs and donations.
The Airshow has enhanced the Club’s reputation by not only managing such a complex program but also by potentially attracting new members to a service club which is successful. We need to be relentless in promoting the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley.
Now it is worth reflecting on the success of the Airshow and the characteristics of such an event:
  • It is an event that is attractive to the public. There is no other project or program which attracts such a gathering, with this year’s Airshow having more than 5,500 attendees.
  • Whilst there is considerable time spent planning the Airshow, there is little physical effort required by Club members, as construction and set up of most of the infrastructure has been outsourced.
  • The Club does not have the physical resources; our advantage and skill set are intellectual capital.
  • Partnerships: Invite other service clubs to be involved and to benefit financially. The Club can no longer operate alone.
However, we cannot take the Barossa Airshow for granted. As I mentioned above, the Club currently has members with the skill set to manage this most complex project. Whilst the current Airshow management committee has done an absolutely brilliant job and spent a huge amount of time, inevitably the committee will need to replenish and attract new people who will add value to it. Therefore, these need to come either from within the current Club membership or appointed quality people from outside the Club.
I also believe that the Club needs to work with other service clubs. If these are fellow or neighboring Rotary clubs, great, but we should also consider other service clubs (e.g. Kiwanis and Zonta for this year’s Airshow) with whom we can work or partner to add value to Rotary’s programs or Club projects.
The Club is entering a most exciting phase in our history. We shall only be limited by our ambition.
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