2019-20 Issue 15    Meeting No. 3198
10 October 2019
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                          Craniofacial Australia
        Rotarian David Adams with speaker Andrea Ogier
What an interesting and informative presentation this was and how proud we should all feel to have this one and only facility here in South Australia!
First of all Andrea gave Rotarians a little background information:  Craniofacial Australia began in 1975 after Dr David David approached the then premier, Don Dunstan, about the need for such a facility.  It wasn't until 1984 that Craniofacial Australia, a not-for-profit organisation, was established from funds raised by the organisation.  It seems unbelievable to me, but they receive no funding at all from the State and Federal governments.
The present facility is based at Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, chosen for its close proximity to the Women's and Children's Hospital.  On staff are 20 craniofacial surgeons.  (Did you know:  there are 40 craniofacial surgeons in Australia and they are all in Adelaide!)  This multi-disciplinary approach means that patients and their families have a 'one-stop shop', rather than being sent from specialist to specialist, which results in better patient care and more family support.  The centre's patient breakup is:  80% South Australian patients, 10% Australian patients from other states and 10% overseas patients usually sponsored by our government and service clubs.  Strange that the government can see fit to selectively sponsor patients but not the care provider, but that's above my pay grade!
Andrea then told us about the types of disfigurements the centre deals with.  She said 1 in 600 babies is born with a cleft lip or palate and 5 babies a year are born with Craniosynostosis, a condition in which one or more of the sutures of the skull close too early, causing problems with normal brain and skull growth.  This may also cause the pressure inside of the head to increase and disfigurement and blindness, requiring surgery.  This can now be rectified with one operation at a cost of a whopping $30,000.  Unfortunately, a rather high percentage of surgeries are to fix what Andrea referred to as 'botched up' jobs.
Technology developed by surgeons and researchers at the Australian CraniofacialUnit enables exact, full-sized 3D replicas of patients' skulls to be produced from CT x-ray scans. These nylon models are invaluable during pre-operative planning. Craniofacial surgeons and other specialists can study the precise size, shape and malformation of the skull before surgery - without requiring the patient's presence. 
Prostheses and implants can be manufactured and fitted onto the nylon model ensuring precision. The duration of surgery is often reduced, resulting in benefits to the patient and savings for the health care system.
Andrea, in closing, posed the question: "How can you help?"   Bequests, leave something in your will;  donations, you will find information about this on their website and; sponsorship.  Anything is greatly appreciated and will go towards their vision for the future, a purpose-built facility.
Visiting Rotarian Vinod Reddy from Rotary Club of Rockdale City and President Keith Millington exchanging banners.
During the meeting Vinod told members of his club's There is Hope project where initially they supplied blankets to the homeless but the project has grown and they now supply places such as Sydney, Central Africa and Mother Teresa's orphanage in Calcutta.  Recently they sent 10,000 blankets to Fiji.
Remember to diarise and consider getting a table together for the Spring Lunch. 
Date - 3 November 2019. 
Where - Tony Robins' house in Penrice Road.
Cost - $35
BYO - chairs, cutlery, plates, drinks.  No wine will be available for purchase.
Races will be called as per the Clayton's Cup.
Hat Competitions; prizes for best male and best female
Auction and raffles
Anyone wanting to purchase tickets and pay direct:
BSB 105024
A/C 033200940

Meeting Details , Thursday 17 October 2019


Where: CFS Station, Petras Street, Tanunda

When:  6.00pm for 6.30pm (except for Helpers, please be there by 5.30pm)

No BYO wine, please buy from CFS

BYO cutlery, crockery, glasses


Please advise Bill via or 0409 851 730 if attending and you didn’t mark your attendance on the form which went around at last night’s meeting.

Barry Klaebe - 11 October
David Adams - 13 October
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