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Bulletin 3258
The Clubhouse Tanunda 
Thursday Sept 2nd 2021

Oh lord and giver of all good, we praise thee for our daily food.
May Rotary friends and Rotary ways help us to serve thee all our days.

 Quote of the Month
One of the most important weapons in the battle of freedom is education, the kind that will not only teach people to read and write, but equip them to live in this new world of challenge and understand the ways of free people. Rotarians must support this kind of education.
(From The Rotarian January 1962)
Theme for the Month of August
Basic Education and Literacy
President Bill's Burble
President Bill welcomed everyone to meeting 3258, and updated the meeting on what’s been happening in our Club over the past few weeks:
  • The first lot of 200 Birthing kits have arrived, and we have ordered the second lot of 200 which will be covered by a successful grant application, thanks to Peter Thomas for your help. A date for assembling the kits will be advised soon, hopefully we’ll be able to book this room. Other groups who have shown interest will be invited.
  • Eight Rotarians from our Club went to the ROMAC lunch last Sunday 29th August. It was a very enjoyable and successful afternoon – we’ve been advised by D’Arcy Walsh that about $16,500 was raised – not a bad fund-raising afternoon.
  • President Bill and Sandie will be going to Loxton on Monday 6th September for the Area 5 Presidents meeting with our Area Governor Craig Dowling.
  • We have received a Thank You from DG Jeff Neale on behalf of Jenny, for our Club’s donation of $2000 to AllKids, which is Jenny’s DG Partner project.
  • On Friday 10th September, President Bill will have another procedure to assist with his throat problem and is hoping that by the 7th October meeting he’ll be able to sing to us. (I look forward to listening to that – Editor)
Who will be President Elect 2021-2022?
Gavin Sidhu has put up his hand for the position of President Elect for 2021-2022, and President Bill presented Gavin with his President Elect pin.
Congratulations Gavin, on your appointment to the position of Rotary Club of Barossa Valley President Elect for 2021-2022.
In closing the meeting, President Bill reminded us that we will have a special club dinner meeting on Thursday 9th September, as Gavin has secured a guest speaker, Emily Harman, current President of Rotaract, to talk about STEPtember 20/21, which raises funds for cerebral palsy.
Then the next Club meeting will be as already covered in the Bulletin, on Thursday 16th September, when our guests are the University Scholarship recipients.
Please make an effort to attend both these meetings.
President Bill thanked everyone for attending the meeting, with a special thank you to our Guest speakers, Zoe Phillips and Simon Taylor, from the Southern Barossa Alliance.
Guest Speakers from SBA
The Southern Barossa Alliance (SBA ) is an incorporated body that facilitates the engagement of the local community, businesses and local volunteer groups.   They are also a group of volunteers, mostly with professional backgrounds, who are passionate about their beautiful region and truly love the place where they live.
Simon Taylor, SBA Public Officer and Special Projects and Compliance. He was previous Chair of the SBA for five years until October 2020, now with a focus on his area of interest, Community Health and Wellbeing.  He established and is the Chair of the Barossa Local Drug Action Team and has used this focus on community resilience to further many of the SBA's projects.  A long term resident, Simon volunteered as part of local sporting groups before expanding his voluntary activities upon retirement from the Navy, resulting in the election as Chair of  Abbeyfield Barossa (now Wirraminna).  During his time as the SBA Chair, he facilitated the transition from a purely business and event committee to a more community focused group.
Zoe Phillips, current Chair.  Has lived in Lyndoch for five years, moving upon retirement from the financial industry in Canberra.  After 25 years of business experience is now in a position to 'give back' by volunteering.  Zoe also sits on the Lyndoch Community Committee and Barossa Wildlife Rescue sub-committees. 
Zoe said  "The possibility of collaboration with the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley would be very attractive to us.  I'm sure there are quite a few projects where we have aligned interests and would welcome the chance to meet with your Club to discuss.  
The idea of the Chat Benches have been taken up by our Lyndoch sub-committee as part of a planned revitalisation of the Village Green. We have been told they are well used.   It certainly is of interest to us, for the benefit of both Lyndoch and Williamstown communities."
Secretary Sandie has been communicating with Simon & Zoe on a number of occasions preparing for last night's meeting. A very recent post on the Lyndoch Community Noticeboard on Facebook mentioned the “stop and chat” bench seats along the walking trail between Tanunda and Nuriootpa, which our Rotary Club installed several years ago. 
Sandie informed Zoe "that our Club could take up the sourcing of bench seats for Lyndoch and Williamstown, and perhaps Southern Barossa Alliance could rally some support for our Club to assist with installation."
 Zoe and Simon showed considerable enthusiasm with the continuing development of the Southern Barossa Alliance and the opportunity to work closely with council and other volunteers.  
Club members present showed interest in supporting and helping with SBA projects and a number of questions were asked. Sect. Sandie again thanked Zoe and Simon for their presentation and handed them a small gift each.
Simon & Zoe SBA - with Club Sect. Sandie.
One Minute
Rotarian John Semmler reminded club members of the approaching RYDA program on September 14th, 15th and 16th.
Also at the club meeting on the evening of the 16th we will hear from our University scholar awardees. 
Rotarian Marie Rothe
thanked Rotarians Bill, Bryce, Peter T. and Catherine for helping with the pruning of her vines and also thanked everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers on the death of her mother at the wonderful age of 99 years.
Rotary Information
At a moment's notice and off the cuff, PDG Peter Thomas brought us up to date with Covid 19 in the Pacific region. The Solomon Islands has  a very good record with no active cases of the virus. The authorities in the Solomons recently conducted a 36 hour practice run lockdown mainly in Honiara.  The police were out and about ensuring that all residents complied with
the rules. It was successful and ensured authorities were able to handle the situation should the real thing be necessary.  On the other hand PNG is really struggling in many of the larger populated towns, and several are out of control with insufficient nursing staff and facilities to keep up with those needing vaccinations. Recently a Geruda Airline landed in Port Moresby with 90 passengers on board from India and all tested positive, which simply added to the problem in PNG. A sad situation.          
Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children
A note from D'Arcy Walsh ROMAC Regional Chair
On behalf of the ROMAC Central Committee, I would like to say a very big thank you for coming along and supporting us at yesterday’s ROMAC fundraising luncheon.
The wonderful attendance together with your strong support of our silent auction, wine wall and table raffle has enable us to raise $16,477  to support children from our Oceania neighbours who need life-saving and life-changing medical operations. 
PS: Please contact me if you would like to offer your help or if you would like us to make a presentation at your Club.
Ian “D’Arcy” Walsh
Mobile:   0418844170
President Bill and Secretary Sandie enjoying the afternoon activities.
Just over 200 Rotarians and friends supported the ROMAC function at the Adelaide Pavilion on Sunday afternoon. Eight from our club attended and shared a table with four members from the Goolwa Club. The afternoon was compered by Derrick McManus a former Star Force Officer,  who was involved in the horrific 1994 Barossa Siege. Border restrictions had stopped the planned compere Tony Pilkington from attending as well as ROMAC National Chair PDG Harold Sharp and former ROMAC patient Rosie Lotawa. However messages from them came via ZOOM. The Rotary Club of Clare kindly donated some exceptional O'Leary Walker Wines which were sold at the luncheon for $30 per bottle  including corkage.
  • Four ROMAC-involved doctors attended namely  Dr Mark Moore – Craniofacial surgeon and Head of the Craniofacial Unit , Dr Gavin Wheaton – Paediatric Cardiologist at Women’s and Children’s, Dr Nigel Stewart – Paediatrician at Port Augusta Hospital, our ROMAC Central Medical Director, and Professor Suren Krishnan – ENT specialist. Each Doctor gave a brief address. 
  • ROMAC has treated over 550 patients across Aust & NZ since inception and 49 of those here in SA with Mark, Gavin and Suren doing 17 of these.
Fundraisers included 30 items in a silent auction  and a Wine Wall of 100 bottles of quality wines which you could enter by buying a numbered tag for $20.The usual table raffle of pick a number at $10 a shot was taken up by most of the people on our table. Our table winner, a member of the Goolwa club, took away a knitted beanie in Romac colours plus a nice bottle of wine.  Three young ladies from the Solomon Islands  displayed their dancing skills for our entertainment. Conducted by well known muso Bruce Raymond a band "Brilliant Brass", which was set up by Bruce and James Morrison, played for us. A quality two course meal rounded off a very pleasant afternoon of spending.              
The Solomon Island dancers were Jean Uwesi, Wilhelmina Utukana and Eloduri BeldenSmith
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley
Club dinner meeting 3259
9th September 2021
To all Members and Honorary Members
For quite awhile now we have not had a club dinner meeting on the second Thursday of the month, but next week 9th September we have an opportunity too good to miss, a special guest speaker who is available only on that night.
Please put this in your diary now, and come along to a club dinner meeting on Thursday 9th September, to welcome Emily Harman, President of Salisbury Rotaract. Emily will be talking about her club's involvement in STEPtember, which raises funds for equipment, therapy and research into cerebral palsy.
As already published in the Bulletin, on Thursday 16th September, we have our usual club dinner meeting, and our guests then will be our University Scholarship recipients.
I look forward to seeing you at both these meetings.
Sandie Simons
MEETING 2/9/2021
      MEMBERS                     23
Honorary Members             1
Friends                               2
   Guests attending                2     
Total Attendance            28
Apologies/LOA               18
Birthdays for September 2021
Roxane Canning           Sept. 2nd
Date Joined Rotary
Craig Rogasch      1/9/88      33 yrs
  Grant Schuyler    1/9/80     41yrs 
               John Little         4/9/84      37 yrs                                        
The bond that links your true family is not one of blood but of respect and joy in each other's life.
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley - see below the various committees where each member/friend is represented. 
Vocational Committee
Team Leader, Bryce Lillecrapp,  Members David Adams, Mark Graetz. Bronwyn Lillecrapp,  Grant Schuyler, David West
Friends Karin Bosomworth, Peter Flaherty, Phil Graetz
Community Committee
Team Leader, Peter Perkins,  Members,  Hans Haan,   John Little, Philip Martin, Craig Rogasch, Geoffrey Schrapel, Peter Sich, Geoff Zerk
Friends,  David Braunack, Peter Manning, Vicki Manning
Membership Committee
Team Leader, Sue Graetz,  Members, Peter Perkins, Marie Rothe, Bryce Lillecrapp, Bronwyn Lillecrapp.
International Committee
Team Leader, Gavin Sidhu,  Members, Keith Adams, Ray Fiebiger, Brian Graetz, Rick Kessner, Max Rasmus, Robert Sloane, Peter Thomas
Friends Bruce Dutschke, Russell Johnson, Mary Martin
 New Generations Committee
Team Leader, Catherine Lawler  Members, Donald Farley, Ian Mader, Beverley Stephenson, Anne Tunnicliff. John Tunnicliff. Prue Maitland.
Friends Sandy Carruthers, Kevin Hoskin
Fellowship Committee
Team Leader Roxane Canning Members,   Peter Canning. Roxane Canning,  Patrick Ritchie-Haydn, John Semmler, Peter Frazer, Keith Millington.
Friends Elly Monfries, John Monfries, Chris Woidt,
Rodney Woidt,
Barossa Valley Foundation Trustees
Chair Grant Schuyler,  Secretary John Semmler, Treasurer Rick Kessner Trustees Mark Graetz, Don Farley, Prue Maitland, Sandie Simons, Club President, Club Vocational Chair.
Sergeants.  Ray Fiebiger, Mark Graetz, Sue Graetz, Bryce Lillecrapp, John Little, Philip Martin, Peter Sich,  Sandie Simons, Robert Sloane, Keith Millington, David West. Patrick Ritchie-Haydn.
Website, Media, Keith Millington, John Tunnicliff, Catherine Lawler
PHF Recommendations President, Peter Sich, John  Little, Peter Canning.
Friends of Rotary  Sue Graetz
Police Checks Recorder Prue Maitland.
Bulletin Editor  Robert Brookes
Clothing Bin Roster  Peter Thomas
Child Protection Officer   Prue Maitland
Club History  Grant Schuyler
Great Revival Shop Rep. Don Farley
Ring Pulls. Bryce Lillecrapp, Bill Simons, Mark Graetz
Awards Committee PDG’s Robert Brookes, Peter Thomas.
Sheds and Trailers, Mark Graetz, Peter Sich
Assistant Secretary Marie Rothe
Program. Team Leaders
Duty Roster
Meeting 3260
Thurs Sept 16th
Meeting 3261
   Clubhouse   Thurs Oct 7th       
Robert Brookes Don Farley
Loyal Toast  
Peter Canning Peter Frazer
Sergeant Ray Fiebiger Bryce Lillecrapp
Rotary Info. 
Keith Millington Sue Graetz
John Semmler Peter Perkins
Uni student scholars TBA
The journey thus far
Australian Defence Force/ Legacy
Robert Brookes
Robert Brookes
Setting Up 
Marie Rothe
Bev Stephenson                     
Marie Rothe     
Bev Stephenson
16/9 - 30/9
P. Haydn
N. Anderson
G. Schrapel
30/9 - 14/10
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