Meeting 3313
 November 16th 2023 Tanunda Hotel  
Gordon R. McInally
RI President 2023/24
Theme for the month of November
Rotary Foundation
Quote of the Month 
Will remain for November.
                     Rotary Says No to Domestic Violence 
                         President Sandie's Spiel
Animated conversation and laughter preceded the formalities at last Thursday’s meeting. Clearly our members genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and it is vital that meetings, events and activities enable members and guests to share that fellowship in a comfortable environment. One of the comments made quite regularly by guests to our meetings is that we are a very sociable and welcoming group, but that the acoustics are “challenging”!
It is quite clear to me that we have made the right decision to re-locate to the Vine Inn in the new year, even though this means a change of meeting days to the first and third Mondays of the month.
At the Board meeting this Thursday 23rd November, we will review the impact of the change of meeting days on our program, particularly given that the first Monday of January is New Years Day. The outcome of that discussion will be communicated to everyone as soon as possible after the Board meeting.
I sincerely thank everyone for supporting the decision for a change of venue and meeting days, and I appreciate the positive feedback I and other Board members have received.
Isabel Nietschke
Keith Millington received a nice piece of news last week from Isabel Nietschke.
It was very exciting to find out that Isabel won the SA Young Achiever Award at the 2023 South Australian Tourism Awards very recently, so Congratulations to Isabel, very well deserved.
You’ll see more info about the award in this Bulletin.
DIK (Donations in Kind) - now RARE (Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment)
Bill and I went to the facility at Edinburgh this morning to help with the working bee. At this location, an incredible variety of items are collected, refurbished if necessary, then held until they can be transported to where they are needed, mostly overseas but also within Australia. Without this amazing facility, many unwanted items would go to landfill. There is medical equipment – several pallet loads currently destined for Dr John Willoughby’s optical work in Tuvalu, treadle sewing machines for “cottage industry” projects where electricity is insufficient or not available, and school desks and chairs. Quite a lot of playground equipment is being held for delivery overseas. Sadly, to accompany the equipment there needs to be signage which actually teaches children how to use the equipment! Can you imagine a child living in such circumstances that they do not know how to play on a swing or a slippery dip – unthinkable isn’t it?!
Next time you get the opportunity to help out at a RARE working bee, please do make an effort. You will be astounded and rewarded with a great lunch and fellowship with other Rotarians.
Rotary Says No To Domestic Violence program – District 9510 event:
Saturday 25th November is the date of the District 9510 walk in Adelaide to increase awareness of domestic violence, and you still have time to register (via the District 9510 website). It’s only 1.2 kilometres, and I’m sure the pace will be manageable for most of us.
Our local Rotary Says No To Domestic Violence event
We are booked to walk in the 2023 Barossa Christmas Parade on Friday 1st December. This is a major program for our club and will extend through 2024, with various activities and events.
The Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Says No To Domestic Violence program gives us the opportunity to engage with schools and other community services, and I think we will see this service expand beyond an “awareness” focus. However, baby steps first – literally! I am asking every one of our members to walk as a group in the Christmas Parade, and to bring family and friends along with you. I expect that almost everyone has some experience, directly or indirectly, of domestic violence in some form or another, and creating awareness of what domestic violence can be, and what people can do to get help, gives us the chance to make a real change in our community – something much bigger than the usual activities we are involved in. There are many statistics and findings available relating to domestic violence but here is one finding in particular that struck a chord with me:
“New data from the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found that nearly one third of Australian young people aged 18-19 years old have experienced intimate partner violence in the past year.
This abuse was emotional, physical and sexual – with social media and phones being a common feature of controlling and abusive behaviour.”
The CEO of Our Watch, Ms Patty Kinnersley, says “Research from the Man Cave has found a third of teen boys admire Andrew Tate who advocates that women are there to serve men.”
If you haven’t heard of Andrew Tate, he currently is on charges of human trafficking of women.
Ms Kinnersley also states “We want all women to thrive and have choices and men to be the best version of themselves. It needs everyone to be involved.”
If we – this Rotary Club - can provide resources to help just one young woman who is in an abusive situation to get out of that situation “to thrive and have choices”, and if we can help provide resources to help just one young man change his behaviour and become “the best version” of himself, then potentially we have helped to save the destruction of many lives.
So, please, get your family and friends together and WALK with ME in the 2023 Barossa Christmas Parade on Friday 1st December, to tell our community that Rotary Says No To Domestic Violence.
We have just ten Tshirts (same as the Polo shirt some of us have been wearing) available for $24 and Bill will be driving his car for those who need a break from walking now and then.
Please see me to register your participation, and to secure a Tshirt.
Annual General Meeting
As you were advised in the email sent to all Active Members last Thursday, our Annual General Meeting will be held at the beginning of the meeting on Thursday 7th December.
Ideally we would like to finish the AGM having selected our office bearers for 2024-2025, namely President Elect (to be President 2025-2026), Secretary and Treasurer, so the nominees have the opportunity to learn the ropes before taking up their positions from 1st July 2024.
If we are not able to fill these essential positions we will need to do some very creative thinking to ensure that the functions of this club continue effectively.
Even if you have already done a stint or two in a key position, and particularly if you have not yet held one of those positions, please consider putting your name forward to ensure the capacity of this club to maintain service to our local and global communities.
Thanks to our Guest speaker, Paul Jupp, Pyrographer
Thanks to Paul for sharing insights into a “not your average” skill.
There is no doubt that burning pictures into timber, or other media, does require a lot of artistic and technical expertise, despite Paul’s suggestions otherwise!
Upcoming Meetings 
As well as our AGM on Thursday 7th December, we’ll be hearing about the District 9510 RAWCS Ukraine New Dawn project, and it’ll be “up up and away” on Thursday 14th December at Rowland Flat Airfield for our Christmas dinner.
In the meantime, Thursday 23rd November is our Board meeting and the following week we have an extra meeting, when we’ll be hearing about the RYLA experience from Casey Miles, so I’ll see you back at the Tanunda Hotel on Thursday 30h November.
Guest Speaker - Paul Jupp 'Box maker and Pyrographer'
Paul has been a Rotarian since 2012, originally with Mitcham club but now with Adelaide Light. He is a friend of our member Keith Millington who invited him to 
enlighten us with his love of Pyrography. Pyrography is the art of decorating wood with burn marks from a heated object. His passion has always been woodwork.
He started out on a Triton Workbench and has since built a substantial woodworking shop. Following retirement, he pursued his woodworking interests and spent time working for Lie Nielsen tools as a demonstrator and helping to set up their classes. Paul has been doing pyrography for the past 10 years and has demonstrated at shows and other public events.
Paul explained the finer points in drawing with wood burning but, assured us that it is nothing like drawing with a pencil. With some examples of Paul's work and the tools used, we were given an understanding of how these pieces of art developed, from the best wood to use such as Huon Pine because of its light hard wood to the different instruments used. We were given the opportunity to examine some of Paul's tools such as his variety of tips which are used to mark the wood from making straight to an assortment of curved lines; the other important implement we also had the opportunity to examine was Paul's heated pen tool or soldering iron. 
Karin Bosomworth helped with this article, and she added that her favorite piece of Paul's art was the Victorian high-country shack. 
Paul's goal is to teach the art in coming years. The quality of his work to date was well and truly on show at our Rotary meeting as various pieces of his completed art were passed around the room. The brilliance of his work stood out to all present. If only we had a few more hours to study the quality of the many finished items that Paul brought to our meeting. A very interesting subject presented by a very keen artist.            
Keith thanks Paul for his interesting presentation. 
Giving Tuesday is 28th November 2023.
Every year, The Rotary Foundation has a world-wide 
fund raiser. The simplest way for clubs to support this fund raiser is via its Board to make a decision on behalf of all of its members.   
Bulletin Editor - I received the following from the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International 
Dear Robert
We need your help, as a Rotary leader, to raise funds and awareness for The Rotary Foundation this Giving Tuesday, 28 November.

This Global Day of Generosity is an opportunity for all members to make a big impact, with a gift of any size that supports projects you’re passionate about.

Here’s how to get ready for Giving Tuesday:

The Foundation will recognize the top three clubs in fundraising, donor participation, and online giving. Find out which clubs were recognized last year and set a giving goal for your club this year. Just be sure the gifts are made on 28 November!

Thank you for your leadership and support, Robert. As we approach this day of giving, remind other members that every contribution, no matter the size, helps Rotary create positive change in the world.

We know that with your help, Giving Tuesday will be a bigger success than ever.
The Rotary Foundation
Rotary congratulations to
Isabel Nietschke winner of the SA Young Achiever Award at the
2023 South Australian Awards
Last week marked a momentous occasion for the Tourism and Events community as Isabel Nietschke, a final-year student at Flinders University, clinched the prestigious SA Young Achiever Award at the 2023 South Australian Tourism Awards. Despite facing stiff competition from formidable candidates, Isabel's exceptional potential, industry engagement, and academic dedication set her apart as the deserving recipient of this esteemed accolade.
Isabel was a valued member of the Airshow team where she managed our social media. Through linking several avenues of social media, the Airshow was promoted to a huge audience and that contributed immensely to the huge success of the 2023 Airshow.
Isabel Nietschke's receipt of the SA Young Achiever Award is a testament to her outstanding contributions to the tourism and events sector. As she embarks on the next chapter of her career, Isabel's passion, skills, and dedication are sure to leave a lasting impact on the industry she so fervently champions.
Memories are precious. 
 Members will always remember,
their working visits to the Solomon Islands. 
Thanks to PDG Peter T. for the following. 
Yvonne completed her Law Degree at the UPNG and has been working for various international organizations in the Solomons.
She was admitted to the Bar in Honiara two weeks ago, now a barrister with a private law firm. A very proud dad, Dr Divi, was there to see the ceremony. (And I admit I was sort of bleary eyed for a bit when I got the photo.PT)
Yvonne found it a bit difficult to pack all her collected goodies
before heading for home.
Who can remember the three Solomon Island girls who were our guests in June 2009, twin daughters of Dr Divi, Yvonne and Fiona, and their cousin Anna.
Anna was the first signing teacher of deaf people in Honiara, and she spent time at the special school for hearing impaired in Glenelg. Yvonne and Fiona attended Faith School whilst enjoying the company of several Rotary families.
In recognition for all of the great work in assisting our volunteer work teams in the Solomons, and his remarkable medical work, our Club made Dr. Divi Ogaoga  a Paul Harris Fellow. In July 2008 then President Terry Sachse presented Dr Divi with his recognition.
Barossa Enterprizes Raffle.
Barossa Enterprizes summer camp is expected to occur around February 2024. Last year our club gave them $350 towards their summer camp, from the sale of chocolate stars at our Christmas meeting. This coming year Barossa Enterprizes has decided to raise funds by conducting a raffle, at $5 per ticket in books of ten. If Rotary members/friends etc. wish to support Barossa Enterprizes 2024 camp, you are asked to phone them on 8562 4855 or pick up from 'BE' 27 Samuel Road, Nuriootpa and purchase whatever you wish. Best of luck! You could be a winner.          
Eloise Violet Dunn a beautiful daughter
for James and Lucina
Congratulations to James and Lucina on the birth of Eloise.
Attendance Reports - 16th November 2023
Members     23                
Friends          2                    
(Rotarian      1 (guest speaker)                                             
Total            26       
Apologies LOA.  11      
Birthdays for November
Bev Stephenson      Nov.  5th
Ray Fiebiger              "    10th
Geoff Schrapel          "     16th 
Keith Millington        "     22nd
Prue Maitland           "     27th  
Brian Graetz             "     28th
Date joined Rotary.
Brian Graetz      1/11/1980    43 years
Keith Millington 11/11/1998   25 years  
Ashton Hurn      1/11/2022      1 year
Be kind, be fair, be honest, be true and
all these things will come back to you. Always remember, what goes around comes around. 
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley
Current Committee Structure on 3/7/2023


President: .....................................................  Sandie Simons
Immediate Past President: ............................ Peter Perkins (D)
President Elect: ............................................. Steve Ahrens
Treasurer: ...................................................... Mark Graetz
Secretary: ...................................................... Bev Stephenson
Vocational: ....................................................  David West
Community: ...................................................  Keith Millington
Membership .................................................... Sue Graetz
International: ................................................. Peter Thomas
New Generations: ........................................... Prue Maitland
2025 Barossa Airshow: ................................... Keith Millington
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation: .....  Grant Schuyler
Vocational Committee
Team Leader: David West
4 + 3
Karin Bosomworth
David Adams
Mark Graetz (also Treasurer)
Grant Schuyler
Phil Graetz
Ian Falkenberg
Rohan Semmler
Community Committee
Team Leader: Keith Millington
8 + 3
James Dunn
Hans Haan
John Little
Geoffrey Schrapel
Peter Sich
Geoff Zerk
Philip Martin 
David Braunack
Elly Monfries
John Monfries
Membership Committee
Team Leader: Sue Graetz
4 + 0
Steve Ahrens
International Committee
Team Leader: Peter Thomas
9 + 2
Keith Adams
Ray Fiebiger
Rick Kessner
Max Rasmus
Patrick Ritchie-Hayden
Anne Schilling
Bryce Lillecrapp
Bronwyn Lillecrapp
Bruce Dutschke
Russell Johnson
New Generations Committee
Team Leader: Prue Maitland
4 + 2
Beverley Stephenson
John Semmler
Don Farley (on LOA)
Police Checks Recorder and Child Protection: Prue Maitland
Sandy Carruthers
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation
Chair: Grant Schuyler
Secretary: John Semmler
Treasurer: Rick Kessner
Mark Graetz
Don Farley
Prue Maitland
Club President 
Club Vocational Chair 
2025 Barossa Airshow
Chair: Keith Millington
Club Support Roles
Public Officer: Keith Adams
Bulletin Editor: Robert Brookes
Assistant Secretary: Marie Rothe
Sergeants: Patrick Haydn, John Semmler, Rick Kessner, John Little, Phil Martin, David West, Ray Fiebiger
Website, Social Media: Keith Millington
Public Image / Marketing: Sandie Simons, Steve Ahrens, Anne Schilling
PHF Recommendations: Peter Sich, John Little, Peter Frazer, Keith Adams, President (Sandie Simons)
Friends of the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley: Sue Graetz
Police Checks and Child Protection Officer: Prue Maitland
Clothing Bin Roster: Peter Thomas
Club Program Co-ordinator: Keith Adams
Club History: Grant Schuyler
Great Revival Shop Rep: Bev Stephenson
Ring Pulls: Bryce Lillecrapp, Bill Simons, Mark Graetz
Awards Committee: PDGs Robert Brookes, Peter Thomas
Sheds and Trailers: Mark Graetz, Peter Sich
Local Government Liaison: AG Bill Simons


Duty Roster
Meeting 3314
Tanunda Hotel
Meeting 3315
Tanunda Hotel
Anne Schilling
Sandra Simons
Loyal Toast
Geoff Schrapel
Peter Thomas
Rick Kessner
John Semmler
4-Way Test
Grant Schuyler
Peter Sich
Prue Maitland
Prue Maitland
Casey Miles
James Hawkes
Robert Brookes
Robert Brookes
Setting up
Mark Graetz
Sue Graetz
Mark Graetz
Sue Graetz
Clothing Bins
23/11/23 - 7/12/23


















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