Bulletin 3246
Meeting at The Club House
Thursday March 18th 2021
Oh lord and giver of all good, we praise thee for our daily food.
May Rotary Friends and Rotary ways help us to serve thee all our days.
Quote of the Month
When people recognise that mankind is one, fellowship, friendship, and generosity arise to overcome the barriers.
Hiroji Mukasa 72nd President of RI
as quoted in THE ROTARIAN July 1982.
Theme for March 
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
The Airshow is only three weeks away
Start your engines. 
Rowland Flat Sunday 11th April 2021
10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Air show Progress
  • The Covid Management Plan was approved today. We had to do some last-minute changes due to SA Health requirements being adjusted after the Fringe experience.
  • Still negotiating with Council about the Road Closures and traffic management, but no problems are expected.
  • Catering has been finalised with suppliers briefed last week. There will be a wide range of food and drinks available that will cover most dietary needs. Remember, no alcohol will be allowed on the grounds, that is part of our Covid Management Plan.
  • Stalls and Display still open, but will be closing soon. We have a huge range of stalls and displays, with something for everyone and all ages.
  • Sponsorship hunting is continuing with the most recent Gold Wing sponsor, Stark Aviation.
    (Note: Stark Aviation not Stark Industries. Iron Man will not be flying in.)
  • The Airside display is still progressing, with some setbacks. The DeHavilland Dragon cannot make it but we will have a jet and a spitfire doing a flying display. Several aerobatic teams scheduled, warbirds will be on display both on the ground and in the air. Sky Divers will be dropping in, and several static displays from aircraft owners, maintenance people and users.
  • The promotion of the Airshow is in full swing. The Leader is running a free ticket campaign for the next few weeks. Media coverage will be boosted; there has already been a long session on BBB 89.1 FM and there will be more on radio, tv and newspapers. There will be road signs popping up everywhere soon and you will be seeing Airshow adverts in shop windows, community notice boards and the back windows of cars too.
  • The Airshow Committee will be meeting weekly at the Airfield Hangar until the show is over. There is still a lot to get done and the time is running out. The Airshow will go on, only a COVID-19 outbreak can stop us now.
Blue sky, white fluffy clouds and a gentle breeze from the west.
Maundy Thursday Breakfast
To All Members and Friends of the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley
Hi All,

Unfortunately last year our Club was unable to hold our usual Maundy Thursday breakfast.
Thankfully this year we will be able to resume our tradition, and we are planning breakfast at Kroemer Crossing Reserve on Maundy Thursday 1st April.
We need numbers by Monday 29th March, so please advise Bill Simons if you WILL be there, either text or message to 0409 851 730, or email billsimons581@gmail.com.
Family and Friends are welcome, just let Bill know how many.
We also need to know of any special dietary requirements.
When: Thursday 1st April 2021
Arrival time : 6.30am to 7.00am
Where: Kroemer's Crossing Reserve, Tanunda
Menu: egg and bacon roll, juice, tea and coffee, hot cross bun
  • Cost: $10 per person
  • BYO: Chair, and mug/cup if you don't like coffee in cardboard or polystyrene!
A big Thank You to Peter Sich for taking up the reins on this important event in our Club's calendar.
Sandie Simons
 Guest Presenter
                                    Jo Croft (at work)                                                       EYE HEALTH EDUCATOR 
Our speaker for the meeting on Thursday March 18th was Jo Croft, of ‘Sight for All’ a not for profit organisation that depends on the generosity of the public and the Australian Government to fund its projects.  Past Australian of the Year Dr. James Muecke AM is its current chairperson.

For over a decade, Sight For All has been fighting blindness in Australia and some of the poorest  countries in Asia and Africa. Its vision is to create a world where every adult and child can see the sights, colours and beauty around them.
Sight For All provides training and equipment so that eye health professionals in low income countries can tackle all causes of blindness.
Jo highlighted the five eye conditions to watch out for and in particular to seek advice and visit an  Optometrist or Ophthalmologist  sooner than later.
  It is much better to have a check up even if you don’t think there is anything wrong. The growth of Cataracts, onset of Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Eye disease and Glaucoma are all serious eye problems that may respond to treatment if attended to early.
Sight For All’s work over ten years has resulted in the training of 315 eye specialists across 10 countries. Throughout the world there are 285 million people who are vision impaired due to eye disease or lack of glasses. So it follows the more financial help this organisation receives the more work it can do in the area of onset blindness and eye disease.
Jo Croft’s presentation was food for thought. The brochures that were distributed at the meeting gives each of us the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause.  Several questions and comments followed. President John Little thanked Jo for her address to us on this important subject. He handed her the usual gift with acclamation from those present.  
How many of you remember this young man?
 It is none other than Philip Sederstrom our very last Rotary Youth Exchange Student, 10 years ago, who came to us from Sweden. This well liked young man stayed with  families in the club, attended the majority of meetings and assisted Rotarians with most club projects/programs. Rotarian Peter Perkins has recently been in contact with Philip. I followed up with him this past week and he has asked that we send bulletins to him.   A few years back now our International Committee organised a Swedish dinner night. We contacted Philip and he sent out a short film of his home and life activities, which we were able to show attendees at the dinner. I am sure most would remember his musical skills on the Recorder which he brought along to meetings and of course his determination to learn the Digeridoo, purchasing two and taking them home to Sweden.
I asked him about his musical instruments and where he was at. He replied  " Thanks Robert, Ok wow, I do play the didgeridoo from time to time, the recorder only comes out when I'm with my ex-mentor (who has become one of my best friends) at the medieval and viking fairs. However, the last fair we attended was in 2019 due to Covid. Since I left Australia, I've attended woodworking school, went to Uni to study textile-history, ethnology and art while working night shifts at home for the mentally challenged. Currently I'm on my 2nd year of studying to become a psychologist and I love it."
Philip Sederstrom
Rotary, Rotaract and Ring Pulls.
You could hardly miss the stand out article in this week's Leader Newspaper - The smiling face of a well known Rotarian telling his story of Rotaract, his Rotary Life and what it has meant to him. Bulletin readers may have noticed that the previous two issues have championed the importance of Rotaract in growing Rotary into the future. The March 2021 RDU lists Rotaract as a significant part of Rotary International with 215,205 members in 11,253 clubs in 532 districts in 184 countries.
Over the past 10 years the number of Rotarians across Australia has dropped significantly to 26,752 members. 
Just 10 years ago the June 2011 RDU reported a figure of 33,579 members. That is a decline of 6827 members in that time. There is no doubt in my aging mind that building from the bottom up with Rotaract Clubs is the answer to strengthen Rotary into the future. - Editor
The following articles have been copied from the March 2021 RDU and as Louie De Real states. "Rotarians and Rotaractors will build the future together, so let's start today." 
Building a future together.
As someone who knows firsthand the great leadership potential of Rotaractors, I always look forward to World Rotaract Week, which, we celebrated from March 8th to 14th.
Rotaractors are the focus of all three of my presidential conferences this year, and I was proud when, two years ago, the Council on Legislation voted to elevate Rotaract by including Rotaract Clubs as members of Rotary International. Before that, the Council had already made dual membership possible, and shortly after, the Board of Directors decided to do away with Rotaract’s age limits.
But we are only just embarking on our journey together.
Partnering effectively doesn’t happen by itself, it requires both sides to be open and to understand the value of cross-generational alliances.
I see no difference between a Rotary club and a Rotaract club, except perhaps the age!
Many Rotarians still view Rotaract as our youth organisation, but I see it differently.  For me they are part of us, and they are like us. To be successful together, we need to have mutual respect – to see each other as equals. Let’s see Rotaractors for who they really are: students and young leaders, but also successful managers and entrepreneurs, who are capable of planning, organising, and managing  a Rotary Institute – including breakout sessions in five languages – as they did in Berlin in 2014.
As we take this journey together, let’s remember the strengths of Rotary and Rotaract.  And as Louie De Real, a member of Rotaract and Rotary, explains, let’s get started right away in building the future together. In doing so, we open endless opportunities for our organisation.
Holger Knaack,
President, Rotary International
        Guest Editorial – Louie De Real
        Rotaract Club of San Francisco del Monte, Malaya Achievers Philippines   
Joint virtual meetings have helped Rotaractors introduce Rotarians to new ideas and tools, pioneering unique ways for clubs to collaborate. In the case of pandemic and disaster response, Rotaract clubs used social media to coordinate efforts, drive information and fundraise, while Rotary clubs used their networks and resources to amplify support, provide logistics, and bring the goods and services to communities.
Rotaractors’ innovative virtual engagement and professional development activities inspired Rotarians to support and follow suit. The pandemic made Rotaract clubs realise that we can immediately connect and partner with Rotary clubs through virtual platforms. With constant collaboration, we realise that Rotary and Rotaract indeed complement each other – that we are part of a single organisation with shared goals.
Both sides add value. Rotarians can be mentors and service partners to Rotaractors, while Rotaractors can demonstrate to Rotarians that difficult jobs can be simplified and limitations can be surpassed through digital approaches. This synergy motivates Rotaractors to become future Rotarians:  I joined Rotary because Rotarians gave me memorable membership experiences through inspirational moments of collaboration. 
I needed to be a Rotarian to inspire Rotaractors the same way, now and in the future.
That same synergy leads Rotarians to realise that while Rotaractors may have a different culture, we all share a common vision of uniting people to take action.  Rotaract’s unique way of doing things serves as inspiration for innovation, helping Rotary increase its ability to adapt to future challenges.
Rotarians and Rotaractors will build the future together,  so let’s start today. .........................................................................................           
 Tanunda Show Saturday March 13th 2021
A sincere thank you to all those who worked in difficult wet conditions mid-morning 
One can't help but admire the members who worked the gates at the Tanunda Show - and let's face it we did need the rain. 
Community Chair - Peter Perkins acknowledged all workers at last night's meeting. 
Attendance Report March 18th 2021 
 Members Present        29        
      Friends                        4            
   Visiting Rotarians              
             Guests Attending         2                    
Total Attendance       35       
Apologies/LOA          12       
Catherine Lawler                         March  16th 
Keith Adams                               March  23rd
Date Joined Rotary
          Rick Kessner         March 22nd 1988  33yrs       
Just a Thought
If you have to choose between drinking wine every day or being skinny which would you choose?  Red or White???
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley - see below the various committees where each member/friend is represented. 
Vocational Committee
Team Leader, Bryce Lillecrapp,  Members David Adams, Mark Graetz. Bronwyn Lillecrapp, Ian Rice, Grant Schuyler, David West
Friends Karin Bosomworth, Peter Flaherty, Phil Graetz
Community Committee
Team Leader, Peter Perkins,  Members, Lisa Akeroyd, Hans Haan, Barry Klaebe, John Little, Philip Martin, Craig Rogasch, Geoffrey Schrapel, Peter Sich, Geoff Zerk
Friends, Nick Anderson, David Braunack, Peter Manning, Vicki Manning
Membership Committee
Team Leader, Sue Graetz,  Members, Peter Perkins, Marie Rothe, Lisa Akeroyd
International Committee
Team Leader, Gavin, Sidhu,  Members, Keith, Adams, Ray, Fiebiger, Brian, Graetz, Rick, Kessner, Max Rasmus Robert, Sloane  Peter, Thomas
Friends Bruce Dutschke, Russell Johnson, Mary Martin
 New Generations Committee
Team Leader, Prue Maitland.  Members, Donald Farley, Ian Mader, Beverley Stephenson, Anne Tunnicliff
Friends Sandy Carruthers, Kevin Hoskin
Fellowship Committee
Team Leader Bill Simons Members, Robert Brookes, Peter Canning. Roxane Canning, Graeme Lawrie, Richard Miller, Patrick Ritchie-Haydn, John Semmler, Sandie Simons
Friends Elly Monfries, John Monfries, Chris Woidt,
Rodney Woidt,
Barossa Valley Foundation Trustees
Chair Grant Schuyler,  Secretary John Semmler, Treasurer Rick Kessner Trustees Mark Graetz, Don Farley, Prue Maitland, Sandie Simons, Club President, Club Vocational Chair.
Sergeants. Robert Brookes, Ray Fiebiger, Mark Graetz, Sue Graetz, Bryce Lillecrapp, John Little, Philip Martin, Peter Sich, Bill Simons, Sandie Simons, Robert Sloane.
Website, Media, Keith Millington, John Tunnicliff, Catherine Lawler
PHF Recommendations President, Peter Sich, John  Little, Peter Canning.
Friends of Rotary  Sue Graetz
Police Checks Recorder Prue Maitland.
Bulletin Editor  Robert Brookes
Clothing Bin Roster Don Farley
Club History  Grant Schuyler
Great Revival Shop Rep. Don Farley
Ring Pulls. Bryce Lillecrapp, Bill Simons, Mark Graetz
Awards Committee PDG’s Robert Brookes, Peter Thomas.
Sheds and Trailers, Mark Graetz, Peter Sich
Assistant Secretary Marie Rothe
Program. Catherine Lawler
Duty Roster
 Meeting 3247
 Maundy Thursday   Breakfast - Kroemer's   Crossing
 Thurs Apr 1st 2021 
Meeting 3248
Tanunda Clubhouse 
Thurs Apr 15th 2021     
Invocation Mark Graetz  TBA
Loyal Toast   Not required  TBA 
Sergeant Not required  TBA 
Rotary Info    
Chairperson  Peter Thomas  TBA 
Speaker Brian Schwarz  TBA 
Subject Easter  TBA    
Bulletin Robert Brookes Robert Brookes
Setting Up  Fellowship Fellowship
Marie Rothe
Bev Stephenson                     
Marie Rothe     
Bev Stephenson
Clth Bins 
Mar 18th - Apr 1st
John Little 
Peter Sich
Gavin Sidhu
Apr 1st - Apr 15th
Brian Graetz
Geoff Zerk
Bob Sloane
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