2020-2021 No.4  Meetings Suspended
 23rd July 2020
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Oh lord and giver of all good, we praise thee for our daily food.
May Rotary Friends and Rotary ways help us to serve thee all our days.
PLEASE ADVISE MARIE ROTHE (mob 0411 524 156 ) OF APOLOGIES (MEMBERS) and (FRIENDS/PARTNERS) if you are attending by 5.00 pm on the day prior to the meeting.
                           Presidents Message
The big news is we are back to face to face meetings at the Clubhouse, albeit with some changes. See the message from Secretary Sandie.
We will be organising The Barossa Air Show as a major club project planned for April 2021. The airside activities will be organised by Stephen Ahrens as he is a qualified air show manager, the rest of the event will be done by us. A committee will be set up to do the preparation, so any volunteers will be welcome, and we will need the full strength of the club on the day to make sure everything happens. It should be a big boost to our fundraising activities as well as a great club project.
I have a members and friends directory almost ready. It will contain the phone and email addresses for Members and Friends that are recorded in Club Runner. If you do not want your details included, please let me know within the next week and I will remove you from the Directory.
We have been through a difficult time over the last few months. Funds have been hit hard by the poor interest rates, bush fires have caused economic problems on top of the devastation to homes, businesses and families, and the COVID-19 pandemic has all but closed us down. I feel that we are beginning to turn the corner and that we have a bright future ahead of us. Not out of the woods yet, but things do seem to be picking up.
Keith Millington
Barossa Valley Rotary Club
                   MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD
The Board is happy to advise that on Thursday 6th August, our Club is able to re-commence meetings in the upstairs room at the Clubhouse.
Table seating will comply with physical distancing requirements between groups.
Due to increased operational costs incurred as a result of COVID-19 requirements, the cost to members for Dinner meeting attendance will increase from $25 to $27 effective from the meeting on Thursday 6th August.
The meetings usually will be held in the Clubhouse on alternate Thursdays, the Board Meetings will still be held on the fourth Thursday of each month (in the Presidents Room at the Clubhouse), and the other Thursdays will be used for general meetings via Zoom (from the comfort of home), or could be held at other locations eg for Vocational or Team meetings.
A calendar of meeting arrangements for four meetings in advance will be published in each Bulletin.
Please note that there will be a Dinner meeting on Thursday 13th August at the Clubhouse, due to the visit by District Governor David Jones as Guest Speaker, and Area Governor Craig Dowling.
As was the previous practice (SEE ABOVE ALSO) apology (Members) and (Friends/Partners) if you are attending must advise Marie Rothe (0411 524 156) no later than 5.00 pm the day prior to the meeting.
Coming meetings:
Thursday 30th July: General meeting via Zoom for all Members.
Thursday 6th August: Dinner meeting upstairs at the Clubhouse, Guest Speaker to be confirmed, cost $27, advise Marie by 5.00pm on Wednesday 5th August.
Thursday 13th August: Dinner Meeting upstairs at the Clubhouse, Guest Speaker DG David Jones, Guest AG Craig Dowling, cost $27, advise Marie by 5.00pm on Wednesday 12th August.           
5.00pm Board to meet with DG David Jones and AG Craig Dowling, Team Leaders to present plans for 2020-2021.
Thursday 20th August: Dinner meeting upstairs at the Clubhouse, Guest Speaker to be confirmed, cost $27, advise Marie by 5.00pm on Wednesday 19th August.
Thursday 27th August : Board meeting in the Presidents Room at the Clubhouse, 6.00pm start.
        Secretary Sandie Simons.
                           Foundation News
Current Scholarship Recipients. Note our scholarships extend over  two years
2019/20 Recipients
Rachael Golder – University of SA – Bachelor of Primary Education (Honours)
Gypsy-Rose Entriken – Adelaide University – Bachelor of Science Veterinary Bio Science (Double Degree)
Lily Melville – Flinders University – Bachelor of Psychology- Criminology
2020/2021 Recipients
Kathleen Arbury – University of SA – Bachelor of Psychology
Ben Roennfeldt University of SA – Bachelor of Primary Education (Honours)
Flinders University – To Be Advised
Note – University of SA selection panel unable to split the two applicants and sought approval for making a joint shared award.
Progress Reports
Adelaide University Provide us with Progress Reports
2018/19 recipient Ekia Evans successfully completed her second year of the Bachelor of Media with Bachelor of Arts program. Ekia achieved 4 Distinction and 4 Credit grades, therefore receiving a grade point average of 5.69 out of a possible 7.
2019/2020 recipient Gypsy-Rose Entriken completed her first year of Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience) program. Gypsy-Rose achieved 4 High Distinction, 2 Distinction and 2 Credit grades, therefore receiving a grade Point Average of 6.25 out of a possible 7.
Outstanding results. I will attempt to obtain results for our current recipients from the other two universities.
Article provided by John Semmler.
                            LOOKING BACK
How would anyone ever forget Peter Thomas's District conference in Swan Hill in 1998? I was President of the Clare Club at that time and Peter was my District Governor. Peggy and I had only been to one  other Conference in this district and that was the late PDG Neil Jackson's at Alice Springs in 1996, so we were sure going to attend Swan Hill, along with an expected huge contingent from the Barossa Valley Club. District Conferences are great for fun, fellowship and the opportunity to hear and enjoy many fine guest speakers. We have now attended 22 District Conferences and all being well we would hope to go to Bendigo next April, if this nasty Covid19 Pandemic is under control. Editor's note.
On May 14th 1996, conjoined, Siamese twins were born on a small tropical island near war-torn Bougainville. The birth followed a long labour for 23 year old Magdalene who was excited with the prospect of starting a family, but nervous for her husband, Henry, who had lost his first wife in childbirth. At 10am the day before, the head of the first born appeared. Ten Hours later, after the local nurse sensed all was not well, Magdalene was transported in the back of a utility to a wharf, where a boat would carry her to a hospital just 400 metres away. Another two hours passed while documents were carefully processed because of the bloody Bougainville war.
Two doctors attended the birth at Buka’s Sohano Island Hospital and for two more hours, the baby refused to progress further. A decision was taken to transfer Magdalene to theatre, a primitive room with no running water, where a caesarean section was performed. A power failure mid delivery caused work to continue under the light of a full moon, which shone through a gaping hole in the ceiling.
Every person in that room was shocked, excited and astounded when two little girls joined at the chest were delivered and recorded a combined weight of about 4 kgs.

The Twins at birth
It was clear from the outset that one of the babies experienced breathing difficulties and the local doctors decided that urgent medical evacuation was necessary. The next day after the twins were flown to Port Moresby, ROMAC’s PNG representative, fired a fax to ROMAC in Australia, announcing the unusual birth and the possibility that only one child would survive any separation attempt. An optimum time for any operation was still six to ten weeks away.
One week later it was a very different story. In Port Moresby, the condition of one of the babies and their mother Magdalene deteriorated and doctors decided all three should be flown to Australia.
  The ROMAC machine was about to be tested.
Minutes before heading off on a flight to Kuala Lumpur the mobile phone rang in the the PNG’s ROMAC representatives office with the chief of ROMAC in Australia, Barrie Cooper, on the line. He said “I’ve spoken with Ray Martin and A Current Affair and we’ll take them. Organise it now.”
Passports were organised for the girls in under 10 minutes. As Milne Bay Airlines prepared their medical evacuation aircraft, Omega Airlines in Australia flew their Medi-Vac Lear Jet from Melbourne to Sydney to pick up Ray Martin and his crew. Later that day both aircraft met in Townsville. Within hours the remarkable story of the Bosin Siamese Twins would attract media attention all over the world.
The twins were transferred to Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital on May 22nd and one week later, the operation to separate the 25 day old girls took place. They were “joined face to face from the lower part of the chest to the umbilicus with the major visceral attachment being a large area of shared liver.”
Paediatric surgeon, Mr Alex Auldist, who had been in contact with Professor Watters in PNG complimented the efforts of our northern neighbours. “The local medical team did a great job under the circumstances to deliver healthy twins.”
Mr Auldist leaves no doubt about the seriousness of the situation.
“Safe separation of such twins is possible only in a Hospital like the Royal Children’s in Melbourne  where there is a large team of people including anaesthetists, neonatal paediatricians, specialised
neonatal nurses, and a host of other supporting staff, including radiologists, biochemists, dieticians who are all trained in the care of children.”
His final comment was "I thank the large team of people including ROMAC for making their care possible.”       
 The Bosin Twins-  Eusthocia and Eaustina at about the       same age when they arrived and surprised everyone                          at the Swan Hill Conference - 1998.
                   Eusthocia          and             Eaustina
20 years on and Eusthocia has graduated with a Diploma in Business in Madang and Eaustina will graduate later this year as a Primary School Teacher also in Madang.         
(As you wipe away the tears of joy, isn't this just a wonderful Rotary story?   ROMAC - Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children)   
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