2020-2021 No.5  Meetings Suspended
 30th July 2020
Barossa Valley Rotary Club
District 9510
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The Clubhouse
45 Macdonnell St
Tanunda, SA 5352
0418 856 569
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Oh lord and giver of all good, we praise thee for our daily food.
May Rotary Friends and Rotary ways help us to serve thee all our days.
No Meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions, 
        Theme for The Month of August         Membership and New Club Development
"The things that are worthwhile take time, and it is not the I's of the world but the We's who achieve them"
 Past RI President H.J.Brunnier 1952-53
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                         President's Message
At last, we are able to return to face to face meetings at The Clubhouse. There will be a few differences that have been pushed on us but I am sure we will be able to manage.
The cost has gone up to $27 per meal. Please bring exact amount if you can, unless you want to make a donation to the club. We will have the card reader so you will be able to pay by credit/debit card if you prefer. Marie and Bev will be back on the desk to welcome you so do your best to make life easy for them.
We propose to meet at The Clubhouse on alternate weeks, except that on 13th August DG David Jones will be paying us a visit so we will start with three consecutive weeks at The Clubhouse.
The off-weeks we will have off-site visits, Team meetings, Board meetings or a Zoom meeting so that we will try to have an event every week. This will mean a reduced cost of being a Rotarian as the meal costs will be effectively halved.
With the current pandemic still being a concern, if you are not comfortable in attending a face to face at The Clubhouse, please let Marie know so that you will not be booked in for a meal. The Board realises that we have many members in the vulnerable COVID-19 category so please do not feel obligated to attend.
As per normal, if members partners or Friends will be attending please let Marie know so you can be booked in for a meal.
Our Guest Speaker, Steve Ahrens, will be telling us all about the Barossa Air Show which will be a major fundraising project for the club. It will mean a lot of work in organising the event and it will require all the members, partners and Friends on the day to ensure we gain the maximum benefits from the event.
President Keith.
Invitation to an Exhibition
An Art Show in the Barossa
Newly returned Rotarian, Catherine Lawler, has recently taken a leap of faith and decided to host an art exhibition as part of this year's SALA Festival.  The festival is an opportunity for South Australia's Living Artists (SALA) to showcase their work and often, their studio spaces. It runs every year, across the State, during the month of August. 
Catherine intends for this exhibition to be the first of many and it will launch her shed as an art gallery, which will be known as Barossa Art Space.  The gallery will host regular exhibitions of original creative works across a variety of media, with a focus on new and emerging artists.
Opening a gallery was a goal that Catherine shared with her late husband John and she is very pleased to be bringing it to fruition.
This inaugural exhibition is titled "Pieces of Pi" and the exhibiting artists are Kylee Fenwick, Linda Schofield, Doug Bear and John Lawler.
The exhibition will run from 7th to 31 August and the gallery will be open Friday to Monday from 12 pm to 5 pm.
Catherine has invited the Club to a private viewing of this first exhibition at Barossa Art Space.  Bill (Fellowship) and Bryce (Vocational) have made arrangements for members to visit the gallery on Sunday 23 August from 1 pm to 4 pm. 
During the visit, members will be able to view and discuss the artwork (hopefully with one of the artists), before enjoying some yummy homemade soup and crusty bread rolls for lunch and sharing some fellowship.
The usual arrangements of BYO chair will apply, and volunteers are called for to help with organising lunch.  There will be room for off a reasonable amount of off-road parking to the rear of the gallery.
The gallery is located at 36 Siegersdorf Road, Tanunda.  It is just past the roundabout, on the southern side of the road, between Dorrien Winemaking and Kuchels.
Image:  A Piece of Pi (John Lawler with Kylee Fenwick and Catherine Lawler –a photograph of ink on canvas with digital overlay
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Non-meeting No.5
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30 July 2022
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 6 August 2020   
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Clothing Bins
23 July - 6th August
Peter Canning
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23 July - 6 August 
Peter Canning
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Grant Schuyler 
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