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Oh lord and giver of all good, we praise thee for our daily food.
May Rotary Friends and Rotary ways help us to serve thee all our days.
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This week Rotarians heard from Catherine Lawler and "Sophie" on the topic of Assistance Dogs in Australia.  Some interesting facts about these amazing dogs:-
* any dog can do it - no need for a pedigree
* they assist people who are blind, deaf, have autism, diabetes, epilepsy, restricted mobility and psychiatric conditions
* they are allowed access almost anywhere under the Public Discrimination Act
* if you come across someone with an assistance dog remember the dog is working - don't talk to them, touch them or distract them.
Sophie came to Catherine and her husband as a 3-year-old give-away on Gumtree.  They hoped she would help with her husband's PTSD, and she certainly did!  They trained her themselves and then were accredited.  When Catherine's husband passed she began to suffer depression and anxiety and Sophie is assisting her now.  As we all saw last night, when Catherine was talking about her husband's passing and became upset, Sophie was 'on the job' immediately.  What a reaction!
Rotary Information - Barry Klaebe
Golden Challenge Blood Donation
Black Sunday Victorian Bushfires
People are needed to assist with the Barossa Marathon (11 August, 7 am - 1 pm).  Please contact Peter Perkins if you can assist.
                               Point of Interest
Shhhh!  A little birdie told me - okay, it was a big Lilliecrap birdie but....
Our meeting next week at Truro for the Red Cross is going to be catered by Malcolm Filsell, no less!  I've seen the menu, it's impressive.   Marie, man the phones!
                               Letters to the Editor 
This is a new addition to the newsletter which I encourage all Rotarians to get involved in.  Let's hear your stories, thoughts or comments on Rotary news or just news in general.  Please email me any contributions you wish to have published.
To start us off, Peter Sich has signalled in from his overseas trip.
Your editor,
Roxane Canning (roxanecanning@hotmail.com)

"Hello Keith  and the rest of all yee.

Had a loverly call from  Mary  Martin today before breakfast would you believe,  Dublin time that is to say,   wishing me the top of the morning for me birthday on behalf of yee all.

Well Oi reciprocated and bought meself a pint of the dark stuff with a drop of Jamesons to wash it down . And oim tellin'  no lies when Oi says yee would have enjoyed it as much  as Oi did .

Well it's on to Galway  in the morning after a roudy night in Tullamore,  would yee believe... seems we didnt  know  the Hurling  semi-finals are on... was bigger than the Carlton and Crows game last Saturday. ....c 'arne you Blues !

Will be a few more days of touring the Cliffs of Moher,  then  on with the serious stuff of the weddin in Tipperary.  The missus is half teary-eyed  already and it's still a week out.

Just to keep yee all in the picture Oi'l put meself out and have another  drop of the doings at the reception on yer collective behalves.

Peter O'Sich and Minnie Malone."

Quiz Night for the Uganda Dental Project
Don't forget to register with Gavin Sidhu for the Quiz Night on 10th August. It is $10 per person in groups of 8 per table.
Lots of prizes and surprises for the evening which will be a test of your general knowledge for the quiz, your luck for the spot prizes and the depth of your pocket for the auctions.
The Venue is the Clubhouse but as the Management has given us the room for free, there will be Bar Service only, no Bring Your Own. Call or email Gavin, or book on the club Website through the Events option.
A great fellowship, socialising and entertaining evening that will generate funds for a very worthy cause.
Gavin was pleased to announce the event is full but encouraged anyone who wants to participate to come - they will add more tables!  He is still looking for donations for raffle prizes so get in touch if you can help.
Peter Perkins - 6th Aug
Richard Miller - 1 August 1988 (31 years!)
"Experience comes from wisdom, wisdom often comes from a lack of experience."    
Sir Terry Pratchett
Attendance Report 1 August 2019
Total Club Members Attending     34
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Partners Attending                       1
Visiting Rotarians                         0
Guests Attending                         1
Apologies/Leave of absence         16
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Venue:  The Clubhouse
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