Meeting 3304
 Tanunda Hotel
  July 20th 2023  
Gordon R. McInally
RI President 2023/24
Theme for the month of July
No specific monthly theme since the annual theme starts with the new Rotary Year
Quote of the Month 
If astronauts can walk in space and quadriplegics can even hope to one day walk again here on earth, then why should anything be impossible for Rotarians? We suffer no handicaps; we enjoy the full strength of our capacity to serve. Let us deny the impossible and work to build a future that is full of possibilities for everyone. A future free of devastating disease, a future in which our cities are safe and healthy places, a future where young people receive the education, vocational training, health care, and moral guidance needed to live happy and productive lives.
Words of wisdom - RI President Luis Vicente Giay, 1996-97
Arrecifes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Luis became a Rotarian so young, age 22. He was often mistaken for an Interactor.  
President Sandie's Spiel                 
Thank you so very much to those who have wished me well in my year as President of this wonderful Rotary Club of Barossa Valley!
I am honoured and humbled that you have given me the opportunity to support you in 2023-2024, and I look forward to twelve months of service to our local and global communities, made even more valuable by your friendship and the fun we will have along the way.
Birthdays are important milestones in our lives, and the years of Rotary service that people have given are to be celebrated also. Always check the Bulletin for these details.
Thanks to Mark Graetz for the comprehensive report on the Rotary International Convention held in Melbourne last May. Many people have said to us that every Rotarian should attend at least one RI Convention, and as Convention first-timers Bill and I learned something new in each of the sessions we attended. The Convention was a great opportunity to find out about the service given by Rotary members across so many wonderful programs throughout the world.
I really appreciate your contributions of comments, feedback and questions, as a result of watching the video from District Governor Craig Dowling. Your contributions, and some comments from me, are included in this Bulletin, and will be shared with DG Craig when I meet with him on 30th July.
If you have not already viewed the video, please do so as soon as possible, via this link
What an exciting year to be the President of the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley!
We have the opportunity to be involved in two amazing projects during 2023-202, with the support and guidance of Zone 8 and/or District 9510 leadership. I am very committed to the success of these projects, and I trust that you will give them your full support too.
The first is “Rotary Says No to Domestic Violence”.
This project was rolled out a few years back by Rotary Club of Ballina on Richmond, NSW, with massive success. It presents huge opportunities for us to promote Rotary and to implement an allied local project. District will assist us with a roll out plan and resources.
The second is Kiki Dowling’s DG Partner Project, the Aboriginal Chronic Disease Prevention Project, which she talked about in the previously mentioned video. Our club allocated $1,000 to this project from 2023 Barossa Airshow funds, and I hope that we can support further with at least $500 for each of the following three years, as requested by Kiki. More information is available on the District 9510 website via this link, then select “Centenary of Rotary”.
It’s important that when adopting or implementing projects and other activities, we consider how we can support RI President Gordon MacInally’s Priorities for 2023-2024:
Priority 1: Keep on doing the great things we have been doing
Priority 2: Empower Girls
Priority 3: Rather than simply ask “Are you OK?” we need to ask “Are you REALLY OK?”
I will be looking to you all to put forward ideas and plans for those projects and activities.
All D9510 Rotary members are invited to DG Craig’s Talkbacks each month, and the next DG Talkback will be on Sunday 13th August.
The 31 people who attended the first DG Talkback on 9th July, enjoyed some fellowship and shared experiences and suggestions about the successes and challenges faced by many of the clubs in our Rotary District 9510.
If there’s something you want to raise for Board’s attention at the next Board meeting Thursday 27th July, please give details to me or another Board member.
I hope to see you at the next Club Meeting on 3rd August, when we’ll have the final presentation from Barossa Airshow funds, and we’ll hear from Rachel Golder, past University Scholarship recipient.
When things go wrong, they can really go wrong. The caricature of the club's
immediate Past President Peter Perkins, a cricketing umpire of note, spent many hours sticking his finger in the air telling a batsman 'time to walk, you are out'.    
The well-designed caricature of Peter first appeared in bulletin 3279 on 27th July 22. It then appeared in the next two bulletins no. 3280 and 3281, but ceased in bulletin 3282 which was issued on the 28th August 2022 for reasons unexplainable, other than it was accidentally wiped off during the process of preparing for issue 3282. Surprisingly over the next eleven months not one reader of the following eighteen club bulletins including the recipient of his own caricature didn't notice that it was missing until it was brought to the bulletin editor's attention by President Sandie Simons a few days ago. (Trust a woman!). Bulletin Editor Robert is feeling quite remorseful over this accidental stuff up and wishes to express his sincere apologies to immediate Past President Peter. What has happened has happened and can't be changed even if you stick your finger in the air and shout out is out.         
The section above is normally in the bulletin. Regrettably it went missing for eleven months.
                 Other Important Information.
Could this be YOU?!
You will have noticed in the previous Bulletin that the Community Team Leader position is vacant – if you want to assist with projects and services that benefit and support the local community, please get in touch with President Sandie.
Thanks for your input!
Contributions from members who watched DG Craig Dowling’s video at the meeting on Thursday 20th July, as mentioned in President Sandie’s Spiel:
  • Can we promote the Rotary “Centurion Club” as a means for Rotary members to made personal contributions to The Rotary Foundation?
    (More information is included in this Bulletin.)
  • Could we assist Dr John Willoughby with a financial contribution towards his ophthalmic work for the residents of Tonga and Tuvalu, given he has recently suffered a setback due to fire damage to the yacht carrying equipment to the Islands?
    (This suggestion will be put to the Board meeting on 27th July, and you can find out more about Dr Willoughby OAM through an article published in The Gawler Bunyip in 2021, via this link
  • Do we, as a Club, do enough Internationally?
  • Could we use the funds raised by collecting and selling ring pulls be used for an existing humanitarian project, such as the Rotary Action Group for Clubfoot?
    (This suggestion will be put to the Board meeting on 27th July, and you can find out more about this program via this link
  • We should support Kiki Dowling’s Partner Project, the Centenary Aboriginal Chronic Disease Prevention Project.
    (More information about this Centenary Legacy Project is available on the District 9500 website via this link, then select “Centenary of Rotary”.)
  • How can we celebrate 100 years of Rotary in South Australia?
    (We have committed to purchasing a Peace Pole, and currently are negotiating a suitable location; at the meeting on 27th July Board will consider purchasing more Peace Poles.)
  • We need to maintain support for Rotary’s End Polio project.
    (From the 2023 Barossa Airshow proceeds, we gave $2,000; please think about how we can further support this vital project.)
If you have something more to add, I‘d love to hear from you.
District Conference 15th to 17th March 2024
Check the District website (Home Page | District 9510 ( and select “Conference 2024” for more information and to make your booking. You also will find a list of accommodation options where block bookings have been made by District. Please remember when you book to advise the accommodation provider that you are a Rotary member attending the District Conference, so your accommodation will be allocated from the block bookings which District has made.
At our club meeting on 17th August, we will find out more from Jenny Mills, District Conference Chair. This meeting also will be DG Craig’s official visit to our club.
The Rotary Foundation Centurion Program
This is a very easy way of getting into the habit of making a personal contribution to The Rotary Foundation – Our Charity.
You can CHOOSE REGULAR PAYMENTS – either weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually.
The benefits are:
All Centurion contributions from Rotarians count towards their Club’s Annual Giving total.
100% of the funds are used for Areas of Focus projects both locally and internationally – no admin fees.
Your donation is picked up as part of the District’s contribution which will come back to our District in 3 years’ time to support District Grants, Global Grants, Vocation Training Teams, Areas of Focus Scholarships.
Your donation accrues PHF points for you which you can transfer to your club or to someone else of your choice.
The money is paid into the Australian Rotary Trust Fund making your contribution tax deductible.
The commitment you are asked to make is simply contribute A$100 per year as long as you are able. This is not a large commitment but an important one in terms of our overall contribution to The Foundation.
Partners of Rotarians as well as private individuals can also participate in the program and their support would be most welcome.
For more information, instructions and forms, please visit:
                            ClubRunner Cheers to its 20th Anniversary 
      A Visit to the ClubRunner site in the HOF (House of Friendship)
      at the Rotary Convention. The Editor received this from ClubRunner                via email.  
        Excerpts from RI President's first article in RDU.  
 The article written by RI President Gordon McInally in the July RDU magazine is outstanding 'Promoting sense and worth, over all the earth'. He begins by saying, "Even as we face new and serious challenges, Rotary takes care of its members and those we serve." His theme of 'Create Hope in the World' will enable clubs to develop programs and projects built around Peace in the world. "We're prioritising projects to support mental health. This effort is deeply personal to me. I know what it is like to see someone suffer in silence. I have also witnessed the power of personal connections, the value of discussing emotional and mental wellbeing, and the lifesaving impact of preventive care and treatment. Research shows that performing acts of kindness is an effective step any of us can take to protect our wellbeing. And by building peace within, we become more capable of bringing peace to the world. Building peace is the essence of Rotary.... Peace isn't a dream, and it's not passive. It's the result of working hard, earning trust and having open conversations that may be difficult.".... "When club leaders focus on offering an excellent club experience, we retain more members and attract more prospective members. We must make our clubs as welcoming and as engaging as we can. Our goal is to create a sense of belonging from our club meetings to our service activities. We need to continue creating inclusive, welcoming environments where everyone can be their authentic selves. All people of action need to be able to imagine a place for themselves in Rotary - it's up to us to ensure they can do so.".... "Let us build peace within and spread it freely. Let us create belonging and imagine the future of Rotary afresh. Let us work together joyously and Create Hope in the world".           
Attendance Report - July 20th 2023
Members  22                                                          
Friends       2                                                               
Guests        1 
Total            25  
Apologies LOA. 11 members    
Birthdays for July.
David West    1st July
Peter Sich      27th July
Date joined Rotary.
Rassy Rasmus       1-7-1975     48 years
Peter Sich              1-7-1983     40 years
Peter Thomas        1-7-1984     39 years  
Philip Martin          2-7-1998     25 years          
I'm thinking of taking my wine box back to complain. On the box it said once opened it would last six weeks. However, it only lasted me three hours.
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley
Current Committee Structure on 3/7/2023


President: .....................................................  Sandie Simons
Immediate Past President: ............................ Peter Perkins
President Elect: ............................................. Steve Ahrens
Treasurer: ...................................................... Mark Graetz
Secretary: ...................................................... Bev Stephenson
Vocational: ....................................................  David West
Community: ...................................................  Vacant
Membership .................................................... Sue Graetz
International: ................................................. Peter Thomas
New Generations: ........................................... Prue Maitland
2025 Barossa Airshow: ................................... Keith Millington
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation: .....  Grant Schuyler
Vocational Committee
Team Leader: David West
4 + 3
David Adams
Mark Graetz (also Treasurer)
Grant Schuyler
Karin Bosomworth
Phil Graetz
Ian Falkenberg
Rohan Semmler
Community Committee
Team Leader: VACANT
8 + 3
James Dunn
Hans Haan
John Little
Geoffrey Schrapel
Peter Sich
Geoff Zerk
Keith Millington
Philip Martin (on LOA)
David Braunack
Elly Monfries
John Monfries
Membership Committee
Team Leader: Sue Graetz
4 + 0
Peter Perkins
Marie Rothe
Steve Ahrens
International Committee
Team Leader: Peter Thomas
9 + 2
Keith Adams
Ray Fiebiger
Rick Kessner
Max Rasmus
Patrick Ritchie-Hayden
Anne Schilling
Bryce Lillecrapp
Bronwyn Lillecrapp
Bruce Dutschke
Russell Johnson
New Generations Committee
Team Leader: Prue Maitland
4 + 2
Beverley Stephenson
John Semmler
Don Farley (on LOA)
Police Checks Recorder and Child Protection: Prue Maitland
Sandy Carruthers
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation
Chair: Grant Schuyler
Secretary: John Semmler
Treasurer: Rick Kessner
Mark Graetz
Don Farley
Prue Maitland
Club President 
Club Vocational Chair 
2025 Barossa Airshow
Chair: Keith Millington
Club Support Roles
Public Officer: Keith Adams
Bulletin Editor: Robert Brookes
Assistant Secretary: Marie Rothe
Sergeants: Patrick Haydn, John Semmler, Rick Kessner, John Little, Phil Martin (on LOA), David West, Ray Fiebiger
Website, Social Media: Keith Millington
Public Image / Marketing: Sandie Simons, Steve Ahrens, Anne Schilling
PHF Recommendations: Peter Sich, John Little, Peter Frazer, Keith Adams, President (Sandie Simons)
Friends of the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley: Sue Graetz
Police Checks and Child Protection Officer: Prue Maitland
Clothing Bin Roster: Peter Thomas
Club Program Co-ordinator: Keith Adams
Club History: Grant Schuyler
Great Revival Shop Rep: Peter Perkins
Ring Pulls: Bryce Lillecrapp, Bill Simons, Mark Graetz
Awards Committee: PDGs Robert Brookes, Peter Thomas
Sheds and Trailers: Mark Graetz, Peter Sich
Local Government Liaison: AG Bill Simons


Duty Roster
Meeting 3305
Tanunda Hotel
Meeting 3306
Tanunda Hotel
David West
Geoff Schrapel
Loyal Toast
Peter Sich
Anne Schilling
Rick Kessner
Patrick R-Haydn
4-Way Test
Mark Graetz
Ray Fiebiger
John Semmler
AG Bill Simons
Rachael Golder
DG Craig Dowling
University Scholar
Official Club Visit
Robert Brookes
Robert Brookes
Setting up
Marie Rothe
Bev Stephenson
Marie Rothe
Bev Stephenson
Clothing Bins
  Thanks Marie.  This cartoon might bring on a smile. 

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