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Bulletin 3259/3260
The Clubhouse Tanunda 
      Thursday Sept 9th and          16th 2021

Oh lord and giver of all good, we praise thee for our daily food.
May Rotary friends and Rotary ways help us to serve thee all our days.

 Quote of the Month
One of the most important weapons in the battle of freedom is education, the kind that will not only teach people to read and write, but equip them to live in this new world of challenge and understand the ways of free people. Rotarians must support this kind of education.
(From The Rotarian January 1962)
Theme for the Month of September
Basic Education and Literacy
President Bill's Burble
Meeting 3259
9th September 2021
Opening remarks:
President Bill welcomed everyone to the meeting, including our Guest speaker Emily Harman, President of Salisbury City Rotaract, and Emily’s partner Ari Barrett, Renae and Jake Webster, and guest of Catherine Lawler, Tammi McLean, a Rotary member from Tasmania.
Bill also welcomed back Grant Schuyler after leave of absence and congratulated him on 41 years of Rotary service on 1st September.
What’s happening in our Club now and over the next few weeks:
a. Once again, we’re supporting Faith Lutheran College and Nuriootpa High School with their year end awards, to the tune of $750 each.
b. The Board has agreed we will support Oscar Seppelt to attend this month’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program. Oscar was nominated by Damien Leach, Rotary District 9510 Youth Service Chair. Cost to the club is approximately $900.
c. President Bill and Secretary Sandie attended the Area 5 Presidents meeting with AG Craig Dowling at his place in Loxton on Monday night. The other Clubs present from Area 5 were Barossa Districts (Brian Barnett joined in via Zoom), Berri (Peter Jarvis), Waikerie (Peter Haines), Loxton (Tom Shannon) and Renmark (David Crouch). Kapunda (Ian Todd) couldn’t make it. Much was learned from the meeting, especially in hearing about other clubs and how they are addressing membership, fund-raising, motivation of members during the COVID restrictions, etc!
Some highlights were:
     Our Membership Team Leader Sue Graetz was congratulated on her team’s current  
     and intended use of social media to appeal to potential members.
     AG Craig suggested that all Club members should try to attend other Clubs’ meetings whenever possible; there’s always something to learn from other clubs, and it’s good to celebrate the successes of other clubs.
     Club Presidents asked AG Craig to put to District that all Rotarians be encouraged to obtain a clearance for working with children and vulnerable people; this will make it easier for clubs when planning projects such as RYDA.
     District Training will be held on 5th and 6th March 2022; President Elect Training (PETS) on 5th and District Assembly Leaders Training (DA) on 6th. It is strongly recommended that President Elects and Club management committees (ie our Board) attend the District Assembly for this training. You might think that because you attended a District Assembly a few years ago – or many years back – that you
     don’t need to do it again. BUT things change! From year to year, there is always something new to learn. President Bill urges every Board member and any other club member who hasn’t been to a District Assembly recently - or ever - to make the
     time to attend in March 2022.
AG Craig warned that 2022 might be a “proving year” – ie, if attendance is not good, such training might not be offered again. This would be a terrible loss to everyone, so again everyone is urged to consider attending the District Assembly in March 2022.
d. AG Craig will visit our club meeting on Thursday 2nd December to talk about how we might formulate an Interact Club.
e. Rotary District 9510 Polio Ute Relay: seems like we’ll host the ute over several days in late January, however this could change for a variety of reasons. We do have the opportunity to book the ute and use it for our own club’s fund-raising before it leaves Adelaide for Alice Springs on World Polio Day 24th October, so if you have any ideas, please let President Bill know by 30th September. Our club has secured donations for a raffle prize to the tune of $1800.
In closing the meeting, President Bill reminded everyone that guests at the next Club meeting on Thursday 16th September, are the University Scholarship recipients.
President Bill suggested that we’d all be happy to attend that meeting because he won’t be talking due to a procedure on his throat!
Past President Keith Millington will stand in for President Bill.
Board will meet on Thursday 30th September.
After that, our usual Week One club dinner meeting will be on October 7th.
President Bill thanked everyone for attending with a special thank you to our Guest speaker, Emily Harman, President of Salisbury Rotaract Club.
Meeting 3260
16th September 2021
Past President Keith Millington stood in for President Bill, as he is unable to speak for a few weeks due to the procedure on his throat on Friday 10th September.
Those who were present at last week’s meeting would agree that Emily Harman, President of Salisbury Rotaract Club, was one of the most inspiring speakers we’ve had for a while.
Those who were not at the meeting on 9th September or didn’t have a chance to put something in the donation tin for Steptember, the Rotaract fund-raiser for those with cerebral palsy, were asked to take the opportunity as we passed the tin around again.
As agreed at the meeting on 9th September, the proceeds from Cliffy and the wheel and fines from both these meetings also will go into the tin.
In closing, Past President Keith reminded everyone about the Board meeting next week, Thursday 30th September, and that the next club dinner meeting will be on Thursday 7th October.
Meeting 3259 -Sept 9th 2021
Guest Speaker - Emily Harman
Rotaract President Salisbury Club
Emily inspired all those present with her life story to date. A young lady who demonstrated a strong determined will to accept 'well that's life' and to get on with it, to do all she is able, no matter the disability with which she was born. The clear message that came through in her presentation was "Life is for living and that is what I do."  Emily sees every day as another opportunity to enjoy and share with her friends, as well as being involved with her many Rotaract responsibilities.
Young Emily 
Her Story 
 I was born 11 weeks early at 1155g on the 25th of August 1997
 I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after acquiring a brain injury from trauma from the birthing process and getting sick in the neonatal intensive care unit with a blood infection. This disorder isn't genetic, for example my twin sister is neurotypical. I was diagnosed with diplegia spasticity; this basically means my lower legs are more affected with constant state of tightness in my muscles.
 STEPtember is a fun and inclusive virtual event that challenges you to walk, swim, ride, wheel or spin your way to 10,000 steps per day during the month of September – all while helping to improve the lives of children and adults who live with cerebral palsy.
 Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood. It’s caused by damage to the developing brain either during pregnancy or shortly after birth – directly affecting a person’s movement and posture for life.
Emily and her Wheelchair 
 The retail value for wheelchairs can be anywhere from $5,500-$35,000. Wheelchairs need to be upgraded as the child grows, and only have a lifespan of up to 5 years. 
 Crucial pieces of equipment can cost anywhere from $900 and will need to be upgraded as the child grows and we all know how quickly kids grow.
 These are the questions people with disabilities need to be able to answer for ourselves. Personally, not having access to the right technology or equipment limits opportunity and prevents an independent lifestyle.
Emily receiving a Young Achiever Award
 This is why STEPtember is a passionate project for me and my members. We believe everyone should have the right to have access to equipment/therapy they need enabling them to have a more dignified and independent life.
- ...What would you do, if you couldn't feed yourself?
...What would you do, if you couldn’t drive a car?
...What would you do, if you couldn’t take the dog for a walk?
...What would you do, if you couldn’t even come out to a Rotary meeting?
Rotarian Gavin with Emily and her partner Ari.
We're with you all the way Emily. Keep on doing good in the world, and enjoying all the things you love through your involvement with Rotaract. We hope this can full of good wishes adds a smile or two to your STEPtember project - Editor.  
             Today Sunday Sept. 19th 1.30pm                       Editor ..To our members and friends. Note just received via Gavin from Emily
"Thank you for your support helping Salisbury City Rotaract reach their fundraising goal through the STEPtember fundraising campaign. All funds will be going to Cerebral Palsy Alliance supporting people living with cerebral palsy to have the best quality of life. Words can't express my gratitude. In the donation tin there was $614.85."
Meeting 3260 - September 16th 2021
Our Foundation Scholars. Their first year. 
Opening remarks. Scholarship Coordinator - John Semmler.
Since 2011 The Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation has made three scholarships each year available to students from the Barossa Valley/Eden Valley areas to assist them in undertaking tertiary studies at a South Australian university. We entered into an agreement with each of the South Australian universities through their 'Donor Sponsorship Programs'.
The scholarships are designed to make it easier for families to cover the considerable expense of sending country students to a university in Adelaide.
Payments are made over the first two-year period of the course. The scholarships provide $1500 in the first year and $1500 in the second year subject to satisfactory progress. The trustees are mindful of the dropout rate among country students in particular and see the scholarships as providing encouragement to continue study. By awarding three scholarships each year we have been able to assist 33 young people in their university studies. The Foundation hopes to be in a position to continue to provide the scholarships to benefit the youth of our community for many years.
The Great Revival Shop in Tanunda, which sells items  from our clothing bins has contributed $1500 each year to the program. 
The members of our club are very enthusiastic regarding the University Scholarships project and see it as an extension to the many other Youth programs supported. 
John said, "It has been a privilege over the years to attend the many university ceremonies."   
At the meeting members and friends present had the opportunity to congratulate our 2021 scholarship recipients. 
1. Nikki Rawlings - University of  SA
       2. Hayley Tonkin - University of Adelaide
      3. Isabel Nietschke -Flinders University 
Nikki said, "I am 18 years of age and I have chosen to study a 3-year bachelor degree in Exercise and Sport Science. I grew up in Springton and have absolutely loved living in the Barossa Valley. Shortly after starting my degree at the beginning of the year, I moved to Adelaide to live with my brother. This degree covers both my desire to help people and my interest in sport. It is a very flexible degree that enables a variety of career pathways, such as rehabilitation after illness or injuries, working with the elderly to maintain and prolong the decline of motor skills or working alongside healthy people to minimise the risk of injury. After my first year I feel I am leaning towards physical rehabilitation work where I am able to assist people in regaining not only physical strength but also confidence in their abilities. I feel that this would be a highly rewarding job as you are able to help your patients regain their abilities and become the best version of themselves. I personally know what it feels like to struggle with confidence and motivation, therefore I feel I may be able to utilise my firsthand experience when trying to help others see what they are capable of if they put their mind to it.
My intention is to return to the Barossa at the completion of my degree and hopefully gain employment there. I am beyond appreciative of everyone who has made this scholarship possible. I feel extremely lucky to have such a supportive environment to grow up in." 
Hayley said "I'd like to start with a thank you for making this scholarship available through the Rotary Club's Foundation and for selecting me as one of the recipients. I will be forever grateful. I moved to the Barossa in 2012 at the age of 9 years and began my journey at Tanunda Primary School. I am now studying my first year Bachelor of Science Degree and I hope to specifically major in chemistry. My love for chemistry was realised in my final year of schooling at Nuriootpa High School. My chemistry teacher mentioned to the class that there was a titration competition coming up, and that we were invited to try it out. I along with two other close friends decided to give it a try and were shocked to find out that we made it into the state competition from the only public school. Although getting into the competition wasn't what helped me realise my passion for science, it was being in the laboratory and solving problems, and through determination we went on to win the competition, which was a huge surprise. Since studying the science degree I have missed the mathematics side of education. However, I am hoping to add maths as a second major. At the beginning of next year I hope to undertake vintages in winery laboratories. Working in a place where you can combine both your passion and your home town culture would be such a wonderful privilege to have. During my time at the University of Adelaide, I have started to become involved in the University of Adelaide Rotaract club. They focus a lot on cultural events and I hope to become more involved with them in the future."
Isabel said, "Firstly a big thankyou to everyone for granting me this scholarship. I graduated from Faith Lutheran College last year and went straight into the first year of my degree, which is a Bachelor of Tourism and Events. I have lived on my family's dairy and vineyard farm in the Barossa Valley for my whole life until starting university. I've attended a range of events over the years as well as helping with organising them,  including Vintage Festivals, Church events, Community carols, Barossa Arts Centre performances and so on and I see a  massive need for people working within the tourism and event industry in the region. Growing up, I've been fortunate enough to travel overseas with family many times which fueled my love for travel and tourism. I also had a couple of days work experience at Phil Hoffman Travel in 2018 which pushed me to investigate my chosen degree. This year I have already expanded my knowledge of tourism and event theory as well as learnt about marketing, communication and accounting which will assist in event planning. Just back in July & August I volunteered at Adelaide Zoo's Light Creatures event which was part of the Illuminate Adelaide Festival. My roles at the event included greet guests, answering questions, giving directions around the zoo, monitoring patron behavior and handling a radio for communications. In the future, I aspire to find a career in the events industry and hopefully in the very tourist centred Barossa Valley. I plan to volunteer with Encounter Youth's Green Team at this year's Schoolies Festival, as well as continue to organise and lead on events within the Christian communities. I am super excited for what the future has to hold and for where my degree takes me."            
Our Scholarship Recipients  Isabel, Hayley and Nikki
      Vocational Visit - Lyndoch Motors          17 Gilbert Street Lyndoch SA. 
From 6.00 pm Thursday October 14th 2021
All members are asked to bring a friend (could be your wife, husband or partner)
Evening BBQ meal provided $10 per head  - BYO drinks and please bring your own chairs and anything else you might need.  
Final acceptances to Bryce Lillecrapp at Clubhouse meeting on Thursday October 7th 
Rotary Youth Leadership Award Launch
President Bill and Secretary Sandie had the pleasure of being present at the launch of this year’s RYLA week, hosted by the Rotary Club of Campbelltown.
Stephany Martin, President of the Rotary Club of Campbelltown, RYLA Committee Chair Helen Marshall, Damian Leach, Project Manager for 2021 RYLA/Youth Service Programs Chair for District 9510, and all others on the organising committee, are to be congratulated on their energy and enthusiasm in putting together the week’s program, and for creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for the awardees.
DG Jeff Neale welcomed everyone to the launch and encouraged the awardees to participate completely, to ensure they get the most benefit from this opportunity.
All the recipients attending the program were there at the launch, and Bill and Sandie were able to have a quick catch up with Oscar Seppelt, who is being supported by our Club. Oscar is very grateful to our Club for enabling him to attend another amazing youth-focussed Rotary program, and looks forward to sharing his experience with us at our club meeting on 18th November.
Meeting 3259  9/9/2021
               Members                   27                   
Friends                    2 
    Visiting Rotaractors  4        
          Guests attending      1             
 Total Attendance      34      
             Apologies/LOA        14                 
Meeting 3260 16/9/2021
Members                        25
Friends                            2
Partners                          1
Honorary Rotarians         1
Guests                           13
     Total Attendance           42      
Apologies/LOA             16
Birthdays for September 2021
Roxane Canning           Sept. 2nd
Date Joined Rotary
Craig Rogasch      1/9/88      33 yrs
  Grant Schuyler    1/9/80     41yrs 
               John Little         4/9/84      37 yrs                                        
Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley - see below the various committees where each member/friend is represented. 
Vocational Committee
Team Leader, Bryce Lillecrapp,  Members David Adams, Mark Graetz. Bronwyn Lillecrapp,  Grant Schuyler, David West
Friends Karin Bosomworth, Peter Flaherty, Phil Graetz
Community Committee
Team Leader, Peter Perkins,  Members,  Hans Haan,   John Little, Philip Martin, Craig Rogasch, Geoffrey Schrapel, Peter Sich, Geoff Zerk
Friends,  David Braunack, Peter Manning, Vicki Manning
Membership Committee
Team Leader, Sue Graetz,  Members, Peter Perkins, Marie Rothe, Bryce Lillecrapp, Bronwyn Lillecrapp.
International Committee
Team Leader, Gavin Sidhu,  Members, Keith Adams, Ray Fiebiger, Brian Graetz, Rick Kessner, Max Rasmus, Robert Sloane, Peter Thomas
Friends Bruce Dutschke, Russell Johnson, Mary Martin
 New Generations Committee
Team Leader, Catherine Lawler  Members, Donald Farley, Ian Mader, Beverley Stephenson, Anne Tunnicliff. John Tunnicliff. Prue Maitland.
Friends Sandy Carruthers, Kevin Hoskin
Fellowship Committee
Team Leader Roxane Canning Members,   Peter Canning. Roxane Canning,  Patrick Ritchie-Haydn, John Semmler, Peter Frazer, Keith Millington.
Friends Elly Monfries, John Monfries, Chris Woidt,
Rodney Woidt,
Barossa Valley Foundation Trustees
Chair Grant Schuyler,  Secretary John Semmler, Treasurer Rick Kessner Trustees Mark Graetz, Don Farley, Prue Maitland, Sandie Simons, Club President, Club Vocational Chair.
Sergeants.  Ray Fiebiger, Mark Graetz, Sue Graetz, Bryce Lillecrapp, John Little, Philip Martin, Peter Sich,  Sandie Simons, Robert Sloane, Keith Millington, David West. Patrick Ritchie-Haydn.
Website, Media, Keith Millington, John Tunnicliff, Catherine Lawler
PHF Recommendations President, Peter Sich, John  Little, Peter Canning.
Friends of Rotary  Sue Graetz
Police Checks Recorder Prue Maitland.
Bulletin Editor  Robert Brookes
Clothing Bin Roster  Peter Thomas
Child Protection Officer   Prue Maitland
Club History  Grant Schuyler
Great Revival Shop Rep. Don Farley
Ring Pulls. Bryce Lillecrapp, Bill Simons, Mark Graetz
Awards Committee PDG’s Robert Brookes, Peter Thomas.
Sheds and Trailers, Mark Graetz, Peter Sich
Assistant Secretary Marie Rothe
Program. Team Leaders
Duty Roster
Meeting 3261
Thurs Oct 7th
Meeting 3262
   Clubhouse   Thurs Oct 21st       
Don Farley Brian Graetz
Loyal Toast  
Peter Frazer Mark Graetz
Sergeant Bryce Lillecrapp John Little
Rotary Info. 
Sue Graetz Prue Maitland
Peter Perkins Sue Graetz
TBA L. Leverington
Australian Defence
Police Services
Robert Brookes
Robert Brookes
Setting Up 
Marie Rothe
Bev Stephenson                     
Marie Rothe     
Bev Stephenson
30/9 - 14/10
R. Fiebiger
J. Semmler
R. Sloane
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P. Martin
P. Sich
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