2019-20 Issue 13    Meeting No. 3196
26 September 2019
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     University Scholarship Program 2019

Proud Rotarian John Semmler with scholarship recipients Raechel Golder and Gypsy-Rose Entriken
All I can say after last night's presentation from two of our three scholarship recipients is that our University Scholarship Program is in safe hands!
Rotarian John Semmler introduced the girls with a little background on the program itself.  Since 2011 the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation has made three scholarships each year available to school leavers from the Barossa Valley or Eden Valley.  Each scholarship is valued at $1500 for both years 1 and 2 subject to satisfactory progress.  The trustees see it as a way of encouraging rural students and are mindful of the huge dropout rate amongst such students.
John said our club is very supportive and enthusiastic about this project, seeing it as a much needed extension of our other youth programs; RYDAR, Operation Flinders, Youth Exchange, National Science Schools, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and Rotary Youth Enrichment Programs.
John added he has been pleased to receive the heartfelt thanks of recipients and their parents at the various grant ceremonies he's attended as the scholarship coordinator.
Raechel Golder addressed the club first.  This impressive 18 year old from Nuriootpa High School said her aim was a Bachelor of Primary Education.  She said it has always been her dream to be a teacher and the scholarship is assisting her with that.  She uses the funds primarily for travel from the Barossa to Adelaide and back and to purchase resource materials.  The funds have allowed her to continue living in the Barossa where she works at a local café, plays hockey for Tanunda and volunteers at her church group's youth camps. She told members that the highlight of her year so far has been placement at Virginia Primary School assisting with Years 5 and 6.  
Raechel said that once she is qualified she would like to consider overseas placements for experience but plans to return to the Barossa to teach.  She concluded her presentation by commenting that the Barossa Valley Rotary Club is modelled on generosity and support and, as a young person, she plans to give back in the way she has received.
Next we heard from Gypsy-Rose Entriken, another impressive graduate from Nuriootpa High School.  She told us she is in her second semester of a six-year Veterinary Science degree.  With a rural background she has aspirations to specialise in livestock and work locally.  Gypsy-Rose has had experience in CPR, medicinal stabilisation and has worked in racehorse stables already.  She was also an inductee of the 2019-2020 Foal Watch Program.  At this stage she wishes to broaden her experience with placements such as to Alice Springs Desert Park or travelling to South Africa to work on rehabilitation of crocodiles and big cats.  And, whilst there, in her spare time she's considering teaching English to African children to pay back!
I think as a club we were all very impressed with these two accomplished young ladies.  I'll finish with President Keith's comment that "The amount given to them is small relative to the amount they will give back to the community."
Rotary Information - Sue Graetz
Sue updated members on the ring pull program which has been languishing somewhat due to extreme difficulties in communicating with Thailand.  After a great deal of effort she was given a name, Barry Berger, and assured he was the guy at the top she needed to be liaising with.  Long story short, the funds aren't going anywhere until we can be assured they can be safely transferred to a worthy cause.  Sue mentioned Wheelchairs for Kids but is also still hopeful of finding an avenue into the Prosthesis Foundation.  We can all be assured that Sue is 'on the job'!  Thanks Sue for all your had work, it is much appreciated.
Remember to diarise and consider getting a table together for the Spring Lunch. 
Date - 3 November 2019. 
Where - Tony Robbins' house in Penrice Road.
Cost - $35
BYO - chairs, cutlery, plates.  Will let you know about wine when info comes to hand.
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