2019-20 Issue 11    Meeting No. 3193
5 September 2019
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Oh lord and giver of all good, we praise thee for our daily food.
May Rotary Friends and Rotary ways help us to serve thee all our days.
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                                   "My Life"

Speaker Rotarian Brian Forgan (R) and Rotarian Bryce Lillicrapp (L)
What interesting lives Rotarians have!  Last night members heard a bit more about their fellow Rotarian, Brian Forgan.
Brian was born in Crystal Brook SA on 8 February 1938.  When he was two the family moved to St Peters.  He says his father, having gone to New Guinea shortly after Brian was conceived (at this point of Brian's speech we were all doing the math!), was a bit of a stranger to him and his sister.
Brian was schooled at East Adelaide Primary and then attended Norwood Technical School learning a variety of trades before settling on blacksmithing.  At the age of 15 he did an apprenticeship with SA Railways before working for them.  He spent 10 years at Islington.
When Brian turned the ripe old age of 25 he cashed in his long service leave for a ticket to England and off he went.  The next few years involved him again in his beloved Scouts movement (which he began as a lad of 12 and spent a total of 25 years involvement in various capacities), engaging in his passion for motorcycling and working various jobs.    Said jobs included working in wine distribution in London and, changing tack completely, buying tents and hospital equipment from the military and repairing, packing and shipping them.  At one stage he and his mates purchased a combi van and travelled a lap of Europe. 
Three years later saw Brian back in Australia picking grapes before working for Holden at Woodville who, coincidentally, were looking for someone with blacksmithing qualifications.  After three years at Holden he was retrenched along with 300 others and decided that at this stage of his life he was looking for a change.  He became involved in the Serious Young Offenders Scheme capitalising on his scout experience and mountain climbing skills culminating in him running the program.  It was here he met Ro and they married one Easter.  He also, at this time, attended university and got his Diploma of Social Studies.  This qualification saw him working in the Child Abuse Investigation Team until 2004.
Life now is filled with family - he has two children and five grandchildren - and his hobbies which include motorcycling, pistol shooting and photography.  He enjoys restoring houses and gardens and travelling with Ro through Australia.  Together they have travelled extensively in Australia and New Zealand.
Brian joined Barossa Districts Rotary Club in 1996, inducted by the then president, his wife Ro!  He joined our club, as we all know, earlier this year.
Thanks, Brian, a very full life indeed!
Rotary Information - John Little
Further to John's last Rotary Information where he explained the significance of the Rotary wheel, he adds:-
The first limb of Rotary life is "Development of acquaintance is an opportunity in service."  He said that whilst Rotary is the largest volunteer association in the world, he is particularly proud to be a member of our club because the club support is tremendous.  Someone always puts their hand up.  Borrowing a famous line from John Fitzgerald Kennedy he finished with:
"Ask not what Rotary can do for you but what you can do for Rotary".
John Semmler would like to hear from anyone able to assist with the RYDA program on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th this month.  He needs guides and two cooks.  You will be a Rotary representative only as teachers will be there to supervise.  Anyone interested or available please contact John directly.
John Chilton - 9 September
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