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Bulletin 3264
The Clubhouse Tanunda 
  Thursday November 18th 2021

Oh lord and giver of all good, we praise thee for our daily food.
May Rotary friends and Rotary ways help us to serve thee all our days.
Quote of the month 
The Rotary Foundation is not to build monuments of brick and stone. If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work on brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds, if we imbue them with the full meaning of the spirit of Rotary as expressed in our Objects and with the just fear of God and love of our fellowmen, we are engraving on those tablets something that will brighten all eternity.
The Rotary Foundation, THE ROTARIAN April 1929
Words of Arch C. Klump World President 1916-17
Theme for the Month of November
Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
President Bill's Burbles 
President Bill welcomed everyone to the meeting, in particular our guest speaker Oscar Seppelt, who recently attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.
President Bill also congratulated Ian Mader on his version of the Invocation, which everyone might use as inspiration for their own version if they wish.
The Donations in Kind working bee will be on Saturday 27th November and members were reminded that they must register per the email sent earlier in the week.
Our AGM will be held during the meeting on Thursday 2nd December, at which time Board positions of 2022-2023 President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary will be declared vacant. Nominations were invited via the forms on the tables; the forms also will be in the Bulletin, and will be emailed to all members. Nominations must be given to Secretary Sandie before the start of the meeting on 2nd December.
Also at the meeting on 2nd December Area Governor Craig Dowling will tell us about the Interact Club established with the help of the Loxton Rotary Club.
President Bill will be having another throat procedure on 29th November and will need to keep quiet for a couple of weeks (difficult!) and Past President Keith M will run the meeting on 2nd December.
Members are encouraged to register for the Rotary District 9510 Conference running from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd April next year – get in before the end of November for your registration Early Bird discount.
In May 2022 it’s our Club’s turn to host the Sir Condor Laucke Oration. We will need a small working party to help organise the event, so please advise President Bill if you can help.
At the last Board meeting we agreed we need a Public Relations Committee, so if you’re interested in being part of that group, please see Sandie or Keith M. The first task for this group will be to replace signage which does not display the correct Rotary wheel.
On behalf of Community Director Peter Perkins, President Bill asked for assistance at the opening of the new Barossa Enterprises “Activity Centre” on Friday 3rd December. A total of twelve volunteers are needed for sausage sizzles and car parking.
The Combined Probus Club has invited our club members to their Christmas lunch on 21st December. The invitation will be forwarded to everyone so if you want to attend please respond directly to Jan Jenner, per the invitation.
There was an open discussion about the very important issue of securing a new venue for our meetings. We have only one Club meeting left here at the Clubhouse, on 2nd December.
The Vine Inn can accommodate us on the first & third Tuesday nights of the month, however changing to a Tuesday night would be problematic for some members.
Members are invited to assist in the search for alternatives and put forward feasible suggestions to Secretary Sandie before the Board meeting on Thursday 25th November.
Thursday 25th November is a Board meeting, and Board will be meeting again on Thursday 9th December to finalise our Club’s strategic plan.
Roxane needs numbers for our Christmas dinner which will be at the Vine Inn on Thursday 16th December, and for the Soiree, our first meeting for the year on 6th January 2022 (venue TBA).
Before closing the meeting, President Bill called for someone to recite the Rotary Four Way Test, and John Tunnicliff stepped up to the plate, thanks John!
President Bill thanked everyone for coming along to the meeting before declaring meeting number 3264 closed.
Members please note
See below for form required to be forwarded to Secretary Sandie no later than 2nd December if applying for a Club Board position.  
Guest Speaker – Oscar Seppelt
Prue introduced well known Oscar to members and friends.
It was a privilege to have this young man address the club yet again. This time he spoke of his experiences at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp. 

He began by paying his respects to the Indigenous Lands we meet upon being that of the Ngadjuri people. They were Australia’s first Story Tellers, Navigators, Scientists and leaders. 
The RYLA camp was over seven interesting days and covered quite a few activities.
Day one was spent getting to know each other and enjoying a small group task.
Day Two started with a workshop about different leadership styles. Finished the day with some team building activities to learn the practical side of leadership. 
 Day three Rotarian Catherine Logue presented and interesting talk on Goal setting, and later an enjoyable lecture from Neal Sutton on Teamwork.
Day Four was one of more lectures and started with Rosslyn Cox talking about First Impressions. This was followed by Public Speaking presented by Fiona Beidermann and later a fascinating Ethics Discussion.
Day Five was a day of Resilience and Creativity. During a number of mentor sessions some subjects that were covered included Risk Taking and Avoiding Conflict. The afternoon was spent exploring our Creative Side.
Day Six. The day started with a lecture on Attitude. This was followed by a lecture from Doctor James Muecke on eyes. A great day wound up with a fantastic Graduation Dinner.
Day Seven. The final day began with some enjoyable physical exercise, followed by a lesson on how to use our leadership, presented by Rotarian Damien Leach.
Oscar finished up by letting us know that he was shortly heading to Tasmania and the Antarctic.
Finally members showed their appreciation and Prue presented him with the usual gift. No one could doubt that Oscar is a young man going places.
                   Rotarian Prue with a slightly taller Oscar.

     Rotary Info. PP Keith Millington  

Rotary where I grew up.
I came from a small village called Wistaston on the border between the towns of Crewe and Nantwich in Cheshire. The river Weaver flows between the two towns.
There are three Rotary Clubs, the Rotary Club of Crewe, The Rotary Club of Nantwich and the Rotary Club of Crewe and Nantwich Weaver.
The Crewe club is the biggest and oldest club who meet weekly on Thursdays, at a venue to be decided as their regular meeting place has closed and a new one has not yet been finalised. They meet at a different place each week.
They are involved in lots of projects, School Science presentations, collecting Food Bank donations, the End Polio Now campaign and Forever Angels, which is a project to feed children in Tanzania. The Crewe club was very active in the planting of thousands of crocuses as part of the “Purple for Polio” campaign.
The Nantwich club is also a nomadic club but by choice. They meet by Zoom often but also meet at different venues around the district, with an occasional evening meeting but mainly Tuesday lunchtime meetings. They support a lot of community activity with raffles. In 2019 the Nantwich club sponsored the Rotary Club of Wych-Malbank which went from its initial meeting to being chartered in 12 weeks, with 23 charter members, 12 male, 11 female.
The Nantwich and Weaver club has only recently resumed face to face meetings in September after 18 months of Zoom meetings. Despite the pandemic restrictions, they achieved a Presidential Citation for 2020/21.
Their main fundraising event is a Classic car and Sportscar Rally called the Weaver Wander. They have had to postpone the one scheduled for September 2021 to May 2022 due to the pandemic. At the last Weaver Wander, over 150 cars took part. They can choose either of two routes, one is 70 miles, the shorter one is 40 miles. The “Best Car” award went to an E-type Jag and a Model T Ford won the “Spirit of the Weaver” award. Total funds raised was over 3000 UK pounds.
Just from looking at their websites, the three clubs cooperate on joint projects and appear to be very supportive of each other's activities.
While we are in two different countries, there are a lot of similarities in the challenges faced by the Barossa Valley and Weaver valley
                         ATTENDANCE MEETING 3264  
Total Members             29       
                         Total friends                  2                                                      
 Guest Speaker                1          
              Total attendance              32                           
      Apologies/LOA           11             
Birthdays for the month of November
Lisa Ackeroyd                            Nov   3rd
  Beverley Stephenson                      "  5th  
Ray Fiebiger                                     "   10th
Geoff Schrapel                                 "   16th
Keith Millington                               "    22nd
Prue Maitland                                 "    27th
Brian Graetz                                    "   28th
Date joined Rotary
Brian Graetz         1/11/80      41 years
Keith Millington11/11/98         23      "    
Just a Thought
A person's true wealth is the amount of good he/she does in this world
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley - see below the various committees where each member/friend is represented. 
Vocational Committee
Team Leader, Bryce Lillecrapp,  Members David Adams, Mark Graetz. Bronwyn Lillecrapp,  Grant Schuyler, David West
Friends Karin Bosomworth, Peter Flaherty, Phil Graetz
Community Committee
Team Leader, Peter Perkins,  Members,  Hans Haan,   John Little, Philip Martin, Craig Rogasch, Geoffrey Schrapel, Peter Sich, Geoff Zerk
Friends,  David Braunack, Peter Manning, Vicki Manning
Membership Committee
Team Leader, Sue Graetz,  Members, Peter Perkins, Marie Rothe, Bryce Lillecrapp, Bronwyn Lillecrapp.
International Committee
Team Leader, Gavin Sidhu,  Members, Keith Adams, Ray Fiebiger, Brian Graetz, Rick Kessner, Max Rasmus, Robert Sloane, Peter Thomas
Friends Bruce Dutschke, Russell Johnson, Mary Martin
 New Generations Committee
Team Leader, Catherine Lawler  Members, Donald Farley, Ian Mader, Beverley Stephenson, Anne Tunnicliff. John Tunnicliff. Prue Maitland.
Friends Sandy Carruthers, Kevin Hoskin
Fellowship Committee
Team Leader Roxane Canning Members,   Peter Canning. Roxane Canning,  Patrick Ritchie-Haydn, John Semmler, Peter Frazer, Keith Millington.
Friends Elly Monfries, John Monfries, Chris Woidt,
Rodney Woidt,
Barossa Valley Foundation Trustees
Chair Grant Schuyler,  Secretary John Semmler, Treasurer Rick Kessner Trustees Mark Graetz, Don Farley, Prue Maitland, Sandie Simons, Club President, Club Vocational Chair.
Sergeants.  Ray Fiebiger, Mark Graetz, Sue Graetz, Bryce Lillecrapp, John Little, Philip Martin, Peter Sich,  Sandie Simons, Robert Sloane, Keith Millington, David West. Patrick Ritchie-Haydn.
Website, Media, Keith Millington, John Tunnicliff, Catherine Lawler
PHF Recommendations President, Peter Sich, John  Little, Peter Canning.
Friends of Rotary  Sue Graetz
Police Checks Recorder Prue Maitland.
Bulletin Editor  Robert Brookes
Clothing Bin Roster  Peter Thomas
Child Protection Officer   Prue Maitland
Club History  Grant Schuyler
Great Revival Shop Rep. Peter Perkins
Ring Pulls. Bryce Lillecrapp, Bill Simons, Mark Graetz
Awards Committee PDGs Robert Brookes, Peter Thomas.
Sheds and Trailers, Mark Graetz, Peter Sich
Assistant Secretary Marie Rothe
Program. Team Leaders
Duty Roster
Meeting 3265
Thurs Dec 2nd
Meeting 3266
   Vine Inn  
Thurs Dec 16th      
Invocation Peter Perkins Marie Rothe
Loyal Toast   Patrick R. Haydn Peter Sich
Sergeant Ray Fiebiger David West
Rotary Info.  Bryce Lillecrapp Not required
Chairperson  Keith Millington As required
Speaker Craig Dowling Fellowship Christmas Dinner
Bulletin Robert Brookes Robert Brookes
Setting Up  Fellowship Fellowship
Marie Rothe
Bev Stephenson                     
Marie Rothe     
Bev Stephenson
P Canning
P Perkins
R Kessner
9/12 - -23/12
P Flaherty
B Lillecrapp
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