2020-2021 No.3226 
4th September 2020
Club meets on Zoom,next Thursday 10th September 2020
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1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at the Clubhouse for Dinner Meeting. 2nd and 4th Thursday: Visits, Social, Committee and Board meetings.
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Oh lord and giver of all good, we praise thee for our daily food.
May Rotary Friends and Rotary ways help us to serve thee all our days.
'Basic Education and Literacy'
                             Quote of the Month.
"By gathering some of the world's brightest and most motivated students to study peace issues, Rotary International is demonstrating its leadership role and making a difference in world affairs'
Donald Bobiash, Counselor, Canadian Embassy Tokyo, 1982/83 Rotary Scholar.
President's Message
I will be attending the Area 5 Presidents meeting on Monday night to discuss Area 5 activities.
If there are any issues you would like me to raise, please let me know before Monday.
One of the items will be the End Polio Ute Relay which we will get from Clare on 7th November and we will deliver it to Kapunda on 8th November.
We need help with the Airshow. Several issues have come up which will need the input of members to resolve.
The Sword of Damocles, also known as COVID-19 restrictions, could wreck our plans for the Airshow so we must restrict our spending until we can be reasonably certain the show will go ahead. This means we need to do all the preparatory work we can without spending too much money.
The income from a successful Airshow could be in the tens of thousands of dollars which means we will have several projects to support. Having set projects will be of great assistance to John Little who will be sourcing sponsorship from multiple businesses. Secretary Sandie has produced a form for you to fill in to suggest suitable projects.
We will need a lot of help on the day, as well as assistance in planning the many aspects of the event. We are looking for volunteers to assist in any way that they can. The management team will be calling on Members and Friends to see who can do what and when. If you have a desire to assist in a particular area, give me a call.
Fundraising has virtually stopped since the pandemic began. A lot of our activities have been stalled which is restricting our value to the community and the fellowship in the club. Now that some restrictions have been eased it is getting plausible for us to resume some of our activities and the Board have been considering our options. Hopefully, we can get back to normal soon. The various teams have got some plans in place and expect to hold some events, but the risk of a second wave of COVID-19 is still there and could derail our planning at short notice. In the meantime, we must do what we can while we are allowed to do it.
Keith Millington
Guest Speakers - Sally Arnold and Dave Brown - Wildwood Park Animal Sanctuary
Tonight the club welcomed guest speakers Sally Arnold and Dave Brown from Wildwood Park Animal Sanctuary. Wildwood Park is an animal rescue and rehabilitation centre located on 15 acres of remnant mallee scrub approximately 12km east of Cambrai.
Sally is a qualified veterinary nurse and wild life rescuer who has been involved in animal rescue for most of her life.  Together, she and Dave work in the very specialised care of orphaned and injured wildlife.
The Sanctuary offers a safe haven to a range of animals who need to recover from injuries or illness, or orphans who have been hand raised and cannot be released into the wild.  The kangaroos, wallabies, betongs, possums, wombats and one very gorgeous koala make their home in enclosures designed to meet their specific needs.
    Dave nursing Miss Pebbles Cha Cha Pants.   
Wildwood Park is not a business or registered charity.  It is primarily self-funded by Sally and Dave with support from volunteers, WOOFers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) and donations in kind from generous individuals and businesses.  It was quite a surprise to learn that there is NO Government funding for wild life carers.  Sally told the meeting that they had received a small amount of funding through the organisation WIRES because they had taken in some animals that needed care after the recent bushfires.  However, as a general rule, wild life carers are reliant on their own resources and private donations.
Sally assumes primary responsibility for the care of the animals and Dave, who also works full time in the transport industry, undertakes the infrastructure development and building projects that Sally envisions as part of her overall plan for the Sanctuary.
In order to meet their unique dietary requirements, the orphaned native animals are raised on specially formulated food products from Wombaroo.  The adult animals enjoy a range of fodder from hay and lucerne to rolled oats, Weetbix, fruit and vegetables.  Sally told us that donations of foodstuffs are a welcome source of assistance to the Sanctuary, as are items such as laundry detergent and tissues, which are high consumption items in the care of the infant animals.
Sally also had many entertaining tales of the many animals she has rescued and had in her care.  One lovely tale was of Teddy, a young koala who was found clinging to a verandah post at the Gumeracha hospital with multiple lacerations to his face.  These injuries were believed to have been inflicted by adult koalas in the area.  He was taken into care at Wildwood, where, after Sally had sutured his wounds, he recovered completely.  However, when it came time to release him, Teddy had other ideas and kept coming home.  He is now very happily a permanent resident at the Sanctuary and a key feature of any visit to the centre.
Another hilarious tale is that of China Doll, the wombat who was spotted digging her way to China, in and around the Parkway development in Nuriootpa.  Sally was called in to help catch her.  Sally finally managed to catch this feisty girl after an incredible crash tackle just as she was disappearing under ground. 
Sally and Dave are currently working toward building a fully operational veterinary surgery at the Sanctuary to enable better and more immediate care for the injured animals that come into their care.  A large amount of the equipment they have already gathered for this project was donated by Rotary’s Donations in Kind project.  Sally and Dave are incredibly grateful for this enormous kickstart to their vet hospital project.  They now need building supplies and labour in order to construct the building, which will house the surgery.
And of course the best part of the evening was that while Sally was imparting this excellent information, Dave was walking the room, showing off the very gorgeous Miss Pebbles Cha Cha Pants, a baby wombat, the bright and cheeky Wilma, a swamp wallaby, and finally, sleepy little Gumnut, a brush tailed possum.
Members were entranced and showed their appreciation of Sally and Dave’s wonderful presentation with a standing ovation.
                         Rotary Information
  What is happening in the Solomons?
1.Dr Divi and family are doing well under difficult COVID times.
There are NO Covid cases in the Solomons. The country locked down, no international aircraft movements except their own aircraft which has moved students and workers home from New Zealand and Australia. Students are being repatriated from China at the moment and some 400 students will return from the Philippines in two weeks. Dr Divi has been training contact and quarantine staff.
2. Divi’s dad, Andrew, is living with them in Honiara. He doesn’t move very far. Mum is living at Verani and goes into the garden with the village ladies most days.
3. Yvonne, one of the twins who we hosted in 2009, is a lawyer with the Ministry of Health in Honiara. Fiona the other twin, manages Dr Divi’s town medical clinic.
4. Anna who travelled with  the twins, is teaching full time at the Aralego Rural school for the Hearing Impaired. (Run by the Catholic church, the only such facility in the Solomons). Anna’s son is 3 years old and according to Divi “ smart, cheeky, and  talkative.”
5. John Ori (Makita John) is teaching at the Vatu Rural Training school. Vatu is about halfway between Verani and Honiara.
Post script :
From Sols newspaper today
Following thorough health screening of all arrivals from the China-Honiara flight on September 02, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), National Health Emergency Operations staff on sight have cleared all 104 passengers to their designated quarantine stations.
All the incoming travelers were assessed for the symptoms of COVID-19, temperature check upon arrival and detailed history on testing including documentary proof of having tested for COVID-19 as per the requirements put by the Solomon Islands Government.
Health operations at the airport went smoothly and according to the standard operating procedures.
Though all arrivals were tested negative for COVID-19 at least twice prior to boarding the flight from China, they are still subjected to mandatory quarantine and health assessment and testing during quarantine as per existing requirements governing entry into Solomon Islands.
The usual daily health monitoring for any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 will commence as of today up until the last day of quarantine.
Peter Thomas.
         "Verani Village Motel"  - Solomon Islands
The last RAWCS team from this club to Verani in July 2011 consisted of Barry Klaebe, Bryce Lillecrapp, Brian Helbig, Robert Brookes, Eric Filmer & Bob Ahrens. The above was their sleeping, eating and drinking quarters.
The bulletin editor is thankful that Rotary International gave him the opportunity to be part of the team, an opportunity that will never be forgotten. Rotary Opens Opportunities. It sure does!     
  Have a Heart!
Do not miss meeting 3228 on 17th Sept. at the Clubhouse. PP Sue Graetz has promised to bring her 128 hearts and reveal all to those in attendance.   
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Baby Possum - Gumnut
Young Wombat - Miss Pebbles Cha!Cha!
An assistant Dog        - Sophie  
Swamp Wallaby      - Wilma
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