Bulletin 3243
Meeting at The Club House
February 4th 2021
Oh lord and giver of all good, we praise thee for our daily food.
May Rotary Friends and Rotary ways help us to serve thee all our days.
Quote of the Month
"To strengthen our belief that only with an open mind, and open heart, open eyes, and open hands will we reach the highest quality of life, we need to be accompanied by like-minded friends in an atmosphere of good humour, serenity, and spontaneous practical day to day humanity.
That's what I found in Rotary
That's why I am a Rotarian"
Robert Bath, RI President
Monthly Theme  for February
Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention 
Editor's notes.
People you may know who were recognised in the recent Australia Day announcements.   
1.  Congratulations to our own club member Bob Sloane who was recognised with an OAM.
 2.  PDG 2002-2003 Peter Rostron a long time Rotarian with the Tea Tree Gully Club was recognised with an OAM. 
 3. Dr. John Willoughby, Ophthalmologist, well known to many of us, was recognised with an OAM.
Helen Graetz has worked for Dr John for many years. His work in the Pacific Islands, and in particular the Island of Tuvalu has enabled members of the club to assist with the packing of shipping containers at DIK earmarked for Tuvalu. Dr. John also has a huge interest in yachting and has entered the Sydney to Hobart annual race on many occasions. If you wish to watch Dr. John at work in the pacific go to the following website.
4.  Good to have a visit from Craig Dowling, our  Area 5 Governor who periodically visits the clubs of Barossa District, Barossa Valley, Berri, Kapunda, Loxton, Renmark and Waikerie. Craig's trip to us from his hometown of Loxton is a mere two hour turn around. That's commitment. He briefly addressed the club, thanking immediate PP Keith and our January to July 2021 Presidents of Mark and John for their leadership of the club. Craig also recognised the heavy load of the club's upcoming Airshow. However, he also said it would be appreciated if some members could attend this year's District Conference at Westminster School from the 16th-18th of April. 
5. Peter Perkins advised members that we have again been asked to cook breakfast for people attending the Anzac celebrations in Tanunda. Peter also passed around a sheet to obtain willing names to work the gates at the Tanunda Show in March.
6.John Semmler advised members that there is a
leadership vacancy coming up following the retirement of Rotarian Bev Stephenson from the very successful RYDA program. The next RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) event will be held in September 2021. This program has helped hundreds of 11 year students to learn and acknowledge the many responsibilities that are needed to safely drive a motor vehicle. John emphasised that filling this role is desperately needed. Please support John 
if you are able.
Rotary Information - Bev Stephenson
As we now belong to a new District, I thought I might find out a bit more about it. Apologies in advance for any curious profiles that might arise from my investigations, as my not always appropriate sense of humour gets the better of me.
District Governor, is the well regarded David Jones of the Mitcham Rotary Club.
There are 91 clubs in total which includes 4 Rotaract Clubs all in Adelaide and 3 online clubs. 22 of the clubs have female presidents.
Looking at the district geographically, Adelaide is the centre and I looked up their club webpage. They proudly proclaim that they are the oldest and largest Club in South Australia. All true. The President is Heidi Unferdorben and they meet at lunchtime at the Adelaide Oval. Probably the only club that has to outline in detail how to navigate the carpark and then find the actual meeting place. Three PDG’s are among their membership and they are able to list seven club sponsors.
Moving to the eastern boundary, there are a cluster of five clubs that hug the Murray River banks in Victoria and New South Wales. Robin Vale – Euston got my attention. The President is a familiar name, no less than Butch Cassidy, no mention of a side kick called the Sundance Kid though. Meeting venue is the Robin Vale Aged Care Hostel.
Northern most in New South Wales is Broken Hill and apart from the information that the President is Geoff Blake and they meet at the Musicians Club little else was recorded. Hopefully they don’t feel left out on a limb.
Further North again to the Alice where there are two clubs, namely Alice Springs Club and the Alice Springs-Mbantua Club. I made a quick decision between them to report on the Alice Springs-Mbantua as it seemed to be rather progressive in its thinking. I was ready to join when I saw they meet at the Alice Springs Mercure Resort and on the last Friday of the month they have a Cocktail Party and forgo the usual Monday night meeting. Melissa Brown is President.
Going westward to Port Lincoln discovered it to still be the last bastion of male Rotarians. Enough about them.
Moving back towards Adelaide, I settled on Port Pirie. They had spearheaded the purchasing of hay to the value of $25000.00 for the Yunta area which had experienced four years of severe drought. This had been done by combining funds with four other clubs, Mawson Lakes, Burnside, Campbelltown and St Peters. Local trucking companies provided the transport to Yunta where the distribution was organised through Taplins and Elders. Yunta Racing Club catered on the day and representatives from all five clubs were in attendance.  I thought this clearly showed what the combined power and good will of Rotary clubs can do. Port Pirie, President is Peter Richens.
Before returning to the Barossa, the fact that Mobilong had a Rotary club interested me as all I knew about it was that it is a part of the Prison system. Their web page was a wonderful find from the opening screen of smiling indigenous kids to brief descriptions of projects well suited to their community. The money raised from a very successful raffle went to the Murray Mallee Food Bank Hub. There is a partnership in conjunction with the Salvation Army and Soroptimist Club, called Café Connections where every Thursday night a three course meal is served to anyone who presents. This connects through community and homelessness services. Rotarians do the serving and cleaning up as well as provide finance.
President is Bronwyn Heard.
This Club the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley, continues to hold its own.  Why we have two PDG’s in Peter Thomas and Robert Brookes. We can also add two AOM’s in John Little and Bob Sloane. We are stronger for having women in the club. We are very much aware of local community needs and have an International program on the go. Being social is second nature to us. We have joint projects with other clubs and we have two Presidents, Mark Graetz and John Little. 
East – West, Home is Best,
                   North - South , There’s no doubt.                   
  ...................................................................................  Guest Speaker - Lea Rebane    
I love Paris in the Spring time, I love Paris in the Fall. There is little doubt that our guest speaker Lea Rebane loves Paris when she spoke from the heart and demonstrated that with her presentation on Thursday evening. Her theme of 'Jumping into the Deep End and Following your Dreams' was very fitting as she showed us the many highlights of her visits taken with her trusty camera. Lea spoke about the writing and publishing of her novel and mainly about her life in Paris. Lea went on to say that she always gets so emotional speaking of Paris but there is no doubt as she said afterwards "I think I pulled it off okay as so many people came up after my presentation and told me how much they loved it. ! I felt quite humbled."  
Catherine thanked Lea and presented her with our usual gift. 
Lea Rebane - Telling her story on her Love of Paris
I spoke to Kevin Hoskin and asked him if he would provide a profile of his working life. Kevin is well known as a friend in and of our Rotary Club.  You will read below that he feels proud of his achievements. Take a bow Kevin you have every right to feel proud.....Editor.  
My Career - Kevin Hoskin
Born and raised in the western suburbs of Adelaide in the 1950's I attended Pennington Primary, Seaton Primary and Findon High. 
My father was the youngest of 10 children and we had a very modest but happy upbringing. I was one of 4 children. I was the first of my 30 plus cousins to attend University and by a series of choices finished a B.Ag.Sc. at Adelaide University in 1975.
I applied for 3 jobs. Teaching, Bureau of Ag Ec in Canberra, and SA Ag department. The first offer was teaching at Riverton HS. The next week the Canberra offer came followed by Kadina Ag Dept. I started teaching with no teacher training and was given 3 years to do a Grad.Dip.T. I also did a Grad.Dip.Ed.Ad. It impressed my grandmother but no one else.
 I had no intention of becoming a teacher. Sandra entered my life at Riverton in 1976 and we shared years of teaching at Riverton, Yankalilla, Samoa, Naracoorte, Owen Sound in Canada, Gawler, Nuriootpa, and Trinity College in Gawler. After 42 years of teaching Agriculture, I decided that it was time to retire. Back and health issues also played a part. Sandra retired from Junior Primary teaching at about the same time.
My highlights include 'Barons of the Barossa Winemaker of the Year in 2002', and the Prime Minister Award for ‘Outstanding Leadership in Quality Schooling in 2003' rewarding my efforts in establishing the first commercial winemaking program, aquaculture, and a horse racing program with the late Mr Colin Hayes, in an Australian School.  
Writing an AG textbook for schools and a book on Careers in Racing were projects that I enjoyed. Establishing an export market for wine in the USA and achieving 5-star awards in the Wine state magazine for school-made wines and stories in the New York Times, Washington Post and on Fuji TV were memorable. A three-week wine tour promoting the school wine in the USA and a visit to South Africa representing the Barossa Council were great experiences. Growing up to 2000 barramundi a year in tanks and having our two school racehorses run on 28 occasions for 5 wins and 10 places is a feat no other school has ever attempted. At least 15 former students have become successful winemakers and many more have gained employment in a variety of Agricultural industries. I am proud of the achievements and recognise the support of many people including John Semmler and Tony Robinson of the Leader.
 Things changed in 2007 at NHS with a change of school leadership and I then spent an enjoyable 7.5 years as Head of Agriculture at Trinity College in Gawler.
In retirement we've been unable to do the travelling that we had planned but have spent a lot of time at home in the garden and caring for grandchildren.
Attendance Report February 4th 2021 
                Members Present        31
                     Friends                              4
                 Visiting Rotarians              1   
                 Guests                                2
                          Total                        38
                 Apologies/LOA                11
Peter Thomas    February 11th
Robert Brookes  February 12th 
Anniversaries - Joined Rotary
Bryce Lillecrapp      1st Feb 1977                     44 years
John Semmler 1st Feb 1984                              37 years
Bill Simons     1st Feb 2018                                3 years
Sandie Simons 1st Feb 2018                               3 years 
   Prue Maitland 15th Feb 2015                             6 years 
 Prue joined Clare Club August 1998                 17 years
Just a Thought
When you make a commitment you build hope. When you keep it you build trust.
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley - see below the various committees where each member/friend is represented. 
Vocational Committee
Team Leader, Bryce Lillecrapp,  Members David Adams, Mark Graetz. Bronwyn Lillecrapp, Ian Rice, Grant Schuyler, David West
Friends Karin Bosomworth, Peter Flaherty, Phil Graetz
Community Committee
Team Leader, Peter Perkins,  Members, Lisa Akeroyd, Hans Haan, Barry Klaebe, John Little, Philip Martin, Craig Rogasch, Geoffrey Schrapel, Peter Sich, Geoff Zerk
Friends, Nick Anderson, David Braunack, Peter Manning, Vicki Manning
Membership Committee
Team Leader, Sue Graetz,  Members, Peter Perkins, Marie Rothe, Lisa Akeroyd
International Committee
Team Leader, Gavin, Sidhu,  Members, Keith, Adams, Ray, Fiebiger, Brian, Graetz, Rick, Kessner, Max Rasmus Robert, Sloane  Peter, Thomas
Friends Bruce Dutschke, Russell Johnson, Mary Martin
 New Generations Committee
Team Leader, Prue Maitland.  Members, Donald Farley, Ian Mader, Beverley Stephenson, Anne Tunnicliff
Friends Sandy Carruthers, Kevin Hoskin
Fellowship Committee
Team Leader Bill Simons Members, Robert Brookes, Peter Canning. Roxane Canning, Graeme Lawrie, Richard Miller, Patrick Ritchie-Haydn, John Semmler, Sandie Simons
Friends Elly Monfries, John Monfries, Chris Woidt,
Rodney Woidt,
Barossa Valley Foundation Trustees
Chair Grant Schuyler,  Secretary John Semmler, Treasurer Rick Kessner Trustees Mark Graetz, Don Farley, Prue Maitland, Sandie Simons, Club President, Club Vocational Chair.
Sergeants. Robert Brookes, Ray Fiebiger, Mark Graetz, Sue Graetz, Bryce Lillecrapp, John Little, Philip Martin, Peter Sich, Bill Simons, Sandie Simons, Robert Sloane.
Website, Media, Keith Millington, John Tunnicliff, Catherine Lawler
PHF Recommendations President, Peter Sich, John  Little, Peter Canning.
Friends of Rotary  Sue Graetz
Police Checks Recorder Prue Maitland.
Bulletin Editor  Robert Brookes
Clothing Bin Roster Don Farley
Club History  Grant Schuyler
Great Revival Shop Rep. Don Farley
Ring Pulls. Bryce Lillecrapp, Bill Simons, Mark Graetz
Awards Committee PDG’s Robert Brookes, Peter Thomas.
Sheds and Trailers, Mark Graetz, Peter Sich
Assistant Secretary Marie Rothe
Program. Catherine Lawler
Duty Roster
 Meeting 3244
 Tanunda Clubhouse
 Thurs Feb 18th 2021 
 Meeting 3245
 Tanunda Clubhouse 
Thurs Mar 4th 2021
Brian Graetz Sue Graetz
Loyal Toast        
Hans Haan Catherine Lawler
Sergeant Sandie Simons Bob Sloane
Rotary Information
Bryce Lillecrapp Keith Millington
Prue Maitland Robert Brookes
Speaker NYSF Students Marie-Louise Lees
Subject Science Forum Experience  A long walk
Robert Brookes
Robert Brookes
Setting Up 
Marie Rothe
Bev Stephenson                     
Marie Rothe     
Bev Stephenson
Clothing Bins
18th Feb - 4th Mar
Patrick Haydn
John Semmler
Geoff Schrapel
4th Mar - 18th Mar
Phil Graetz
Graeme Lawrie
Don Farley
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