Meeting 3312
 November 2nd 2023 in Lyndoch.  
Gordon R. McInally
RI President 2023/24
Theme for the month of November
Rotary Foundation
Quote of the Month 
Will remain for November.
                     Rotary Says No to Domestic Violence 
 Our club’s team hopes to incorporate our walk in the Tanunda Christmas Parade. 
All 20 districts throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Southwest Pacific have joined forces to combat the disturbingly common crisis of domestic and family violence. The article in the September RDU page 6-9 is well worth reading and tells the frightening story experienced by Rotarian David Harmon of the Ballina-on-Richmond Rotary club. He attended the memorial of a friend's sister who was tragically murdered in Melbourne in front of her three children. That night Dave spoke to his wife about making domestic and family violence the main focus of his year as President. A few months later, 800 people walked down the main street of Ballina marking the start of the club's campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence. "During this year's International 16 Days of Activism, held from November 25 to Dec 10, the Rotary Club of Ballina-on-Richmond is asking clubs to unite with their community and organise activities that will help raise awareness of domestic violence."
President Sandie wrote in bulletin 3309 that Rotary Says No to Domestic Violence, bringing to our community’s attention that violence within the home is a real and local problem, how to recognise it and where to go for help, potentially saving the lives of adults and children. Taking part in a walk through the Barossa Valley is one way that we can support this program. (see above)
What a lovely time we had at the Lyndoch Grand last Thursday evening!
Thanks so much to President Elect Steve for organising this “meeting with a difference”, hosted by Darren and Robyn, and to David and Valerie West and team for providing the very tasty meal.
We had a great turnout of members, friends and partners, and we enjoyed plenty of fellowship amongst club business in the lovely garden. To be given insights into the history of the building, and to actually walk through the rooms, and absorb the stories Darren presented earlier about some of the furniture, was an absolute privilege.
It was indeed a pleasant evening all round. 
I gave a brief update about the Zone 8 Regionalisation Project, advising that on behalf of our members I have nominated the Regional Community Groups as that to which we prefer to belong. As agreed by the Area 5 clubs in the Riverland at a Presidents’ meeting and endorsed by members of our club at a following meeting, for the Primary Group I nominated “Geographical, clubs within a small area”, and requested that our RCG include the Area 5 clubs in the Riverland. For our Secondary Group, again as agreed with the Area 5 clubs in the Riverland, I nominated Youth/New Generations. The key reasons for these choices are similar demographics, and that we all focus on Youth/New Generations projects to support our young people to enable them in turn to support their home communities.
On behalf of our members, I voted in the selection of candidates for Zone Leaders, taking effect from 1 January 2024. If you want to know which candidates were successful, or if you have any questions about Regionalisation, please contact me.
At the meeting on Thursday evening, I also presented results of the Club Health Survey.
Sue Graetz put a huge amount of work into this survey, and into previous surveys particularly in relation to the club meetings venues. As you can imagine, devising the survey to suit our needs and collating the results has been a very time-consuming task, and Sue probably has at times felt like the little mouse in the spinning wheel, running like crazy and just going round and round!
I was somewhat disappointed that only 21 members responded, out of our membership of 34.
Not surprisingly, responses overwhelmingly tell us the location of our club meetings is not suitable.
2 rated it Very Poor (9.52%). 10 rated Poor (47.61%), 8 rated Fair (38.09%) and one vote (4.76%) went to Excellent.
So we’re all very clear on the background for those numbers, and so no-one is second-guessing the reasons for the selections, I’ll share the comments with you. 
  • Location is a top priority. As we all know the location at the moment is not ideal. I would be in favour of changing meeting nights if we could find a more suitable venue.
  • Our present location is not conducive to attracting new members to our club – it is too noisy, not ideal for a guest speaker meeting. Further-more it is not suitable for larger group meetings like when partners are especially invited.
  • Food serves are too big. This quality is excellent, but there is too much for me.
  • Change of location needs to continue being investigated.
  • The venue has been disappointing from the fact that it is crowded and has bad acoustics. Meals are good, sometime too big but still good value. Some members need to pay more attention to what is being said and done and not talk amongst them-selves.
  • Once again the venue size restricts mixing and thus the opportunities to have input and discuss ideas. Women seem to be pushed to the side as established male friendship groups prevail.
  • Venue is not suitable for guest speakers and socialising due to noise and size.
  • Changing day and perhaps time of meetings might help to get a more appropriate venue.
Again, no surprise here, the only venue in our area which is suitable, and which meets the majority of our criteria, is The Vine Inn in Nuriootpa.
The one limiting factor is that there is “no room at the Inn” on a Thursday night, any Thursday night.
Let’s look at what the Vine Inn can offer us though …
  • The Hoopman room, free of charge, on the first and third Monday nights, or the first and third Tuesday nights of the month.
  • Plenty of space in the Hoopman room, and the option to secure a larger space for special dinners or functions with a larger audience.
  • All the audio-visual gear that we need, including a larger portable screen if required.
  • Storage is very limited and quite a distance from the Hoopman room, so we’d need to look at alternatives for the Rotary wheel, and how we get our paraphernalia to and from.
  • Main course only, choice of 5 dishes including Chef’s specials, all served with vegetables unless salad is specified, for a cost of $22.
At the Board meeting on Monday 30th October, we discussed the availability of the room, and what this would mean for our club members and friends.
The Board agreed that based on the anecdotal feedback and the very strong survey response, we do need to change our club meeting night if we do not want to remain at the Tanunda Hotel.
The Board also agreed that the club meeting would change to the first and third MONDAY nights, from the start of 2024.
Monday was selected as there is a key Board member who cannot change existing commitments from Tuesday night.
We considered the impact if a public holiday is scheduled for a first or third Monday in 2024, and the only public holiday is Labour Day Monday 7th October – if we decide against a meeting on that Monday, we can find an alternative, perhaps an activity-based meeting on a different day or at a different venue.
I do ask that everyone please respect the amount of work Sue has put into the survey and finding a suitable alternative venue, and I want to assure you that the Board recognises that a change of meeting day does present a change of long held routine for many of us, and that we did not take this decision without considerable thought and discussion.
Since the meeting on Thursday night, I have received confirmation that we have been approved to participate in the 2023 Barossa Christmas Parade on Friday 1st December, to reinforce our message that “Rotary Says No To Domestic Violence”. I am sure that many of you will want to walk with me and Bill, and we also will be inviting other community groups to walk with us. There will be a vehicle available if anyone needs a respite from walking.
Please also consider walking for this same cause with me and Bill, and Robert and Peggy Brookes, as well as other Rotary clubs in District 9510, in Adelaide on Saturday 25th November in Adelaide. It’s a short walk of 1.2kms from Victoria Square to Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden opposite the Festival Theatre. You can register via this link or just give me a call or text to 0417 833 691 and I’ll register for you.
We have an extra meeting in November! On Thursday 30th November we will meet again in the Tanunda Hotel to hear from Casey Miles, who participated in the recent Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). You will remember we were very impressed with Casey’s presentation when she visited us in early September, following her selection for RYLA.
On Thursday 7th December we will hear from James Hawker about the D9510 RAWCS Ukraine New Dawn Project. Our club donated to this project, which has been successful in providing new medical facilities in areas of Ukraine where those vital services have been destroyed during the war with Russia.
It’s also important that you keep this date: Thursday 14th December – our Christmas meeting. I am very excited to let you in on a secret – the location will be the ideal place to catch a glimpse of Rudolph and the Christmas Reindeer Team practising take offs and landings with Father Christmas in his sleigh before the real deal on Christmas Eve, and the presenter we have booked is another High Flyer! Please invite your family and friends to join us at this very special meeting.
I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on Thursday 16th November at the Tanunda Hotel, when our guest will be Rotarian Paul Jupp to tell us about Pyrography (nothing at all like Photography!).
 Lyndoch Grand owners Darren and Robyn were our hosts,
for the Rotary meeting 3312 on Thursday Nov 2nd,2023. 
Darren gave us an interesting talk covering the amount of work and effort
that he and Robyn have put in since they purchased this excellent Lyndoch property. We were given a tour of the upstairs areas as well as downstairs.
Robyn and Darren have both worked hard in setting up the seven-bedroom property with carefully chosen furniture in all of the rooms. Lyndoch Grand is a historic property that was built in 1855. It is a very attractive property, that will comfortably handle up to 14 people at a time. 
Those present met in the delightful gardens where we had burgers prepared by our BBQ cooks and these were followed up by David West's magic with his sticky date pudding and ice cream. Over the years Lyndoch Grand has been used as a hotel, courthouse, Coffee Palace and a private residence. Darren and Robyn are always on the lookout for antique furniture and both of them mentioned their interest in early Barossa furniture for the house. It was easy to see that the owners have tastefully renovated the property to produce a comfortable place that still brings to life the history of the building. 
President-Elect Steve thanked Robyn and Darren for their hospitality and the opportunity to visit this historic building.     
Kind regards
Maureen Phillips
Rotary Club of Waikerie
District 9510 Secretary 23-24
Tel: 0430 405 137
If you haven't attended a working bee at DIK (as I knew it), read all the details above then think seriously about it.
You'll enjoy the experience and gain a real understanding of one of the unique projects/programs that is available for all Rotarians to participate. It was once known as DIK or Donations in Kind. Today it is known as RARE - Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment. 
Keith and Kathy after many years of Dog judging have
            had to call it a day after 49 years as judges.
'Over the years we made many friends across Australia and even overseas. We will miss them all. We really did enjoy our dog judging.
The reasons for our retirement are mainly caused by too many birthdays. Our bodies are not recovering as quickly as they used to, and aches and pains last several days after a trial.' Keith went on to say, 'I have metal plates in my feet, neuropathy in my feet, balance problems in my ears and glaucoma in my eyes, add in arthritis and you'd see why I had to stop. Kathy also has a few health problems which could affect her judgment so the only right thing to do was for both of us to stop now before we make a calamitous mistake. In Obedience and Rally I find I am tiring so that my concentration level is dropping, and I risk making a wrong call. We will be out and about when our motor home arrives next year so we may turn up at a trial or two just to say hello. Many thanks to all the Obedience, Rally and Agility people that have made our time as judges and competitors so exciting with the many friends we have met.'       
Keith and Kathy accept the gifts from the
Blue Lake Obedience Club trial. 
Hannah also deserves a mention.
A well-known couple at the pool
It's time to make a splash as the summer swim season
makes a welcome return at our outdoor
pools in Nuriootpa and Williamstown.
Attendance Reports - 2nd November 2023
Members   25                  
Friends        2                     
Partners      5  
Guests         2  (Our Hosts)       
Total           34       
Apologies LOA. 8       
Birthdays for November
Bev Stephenson      Nov.  5th
Ray Fiebiger              "    10th
Geoff Schrapel          "     16th 
Keith Millington        "     22nd
Prue Maitland           "     27th  
Brian Graetz             "     28th
Date joined Rotary.
Brian Graetz      1/11/1980    43 years
Keith Millington 11/11/1998   25 years  
Ashton Hurn      1/11/2022      1 year
The cure for working too fast
is learn to slow down 
Perhaps you have driven around this roundabout.
If not, you'll find it in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley
Current Committee Structure on 3/7/2023


President: .....................................................  Sandie Simons
Immediate Past President: ............................ Peter Perkins (D)
President Elect: ............................................. Steve Ahrens
Treasurer: ...................................................... Mark Graetz
Secretary: ...................................................... Bev Stephenson
Vocational: ....................................................  David West
Community: ...................................................  Keith Millington
Membership .................................................... Sue Graetz
International: ................................................. Peter Thomas
New Generations: ........................................... Prue Maitland
2025 Barossa Airshow: ................................... Keith Millington
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation: .....  Grant Schuyler
Vocational Committee
Team Leader: David West
4 + 3
David Adams
Mark Graetz (also Treasurer)
Grant Schuyler
Karin Bosomworth
Phil Graetz
Ian Falkenberg
Rohan Semmler
Community Committee
Team Leader: Keith Millington
8 + 3
James Dunn
Hans Haan
John Little
Geoffrey Schrapel
Peter Sich
Geoff Zerk
Philip Martin (on LOA)
David Braunack
Elly Monfries
John Monfries
Membership Committee
Team Leader: Sue Graetz
4 + 0
Steve Ahrens
International Committee
Team Leader: Peter Thomas
9 + 2
Keith Adams
Ray Fiebiger
Rick Kessner
Max Rasmus
Patrick Ritchie-Hayden
Anne Schilling
Bryce Lillecrapp
Bronwyn Lillecrapp
Bruce Dutschke
Russell Johnson
New Generations Committee
Team Leader: Prue Maitland
4 + 2
Beverley Stephenson
John Semmler
Don Farley (on LOA)
Police Checks Recorder and Child Protection: Prue Maitland
Sandy Carruthers
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation
Chair: Grant Schuyler
Secretary: John Semmler
Treasurer: Rick Kessner
Mark Graetz
Don Farley
Prue Maitland
Club President 
Club Vocational Chair 
2025 Barossa Airshow
Chair: Keith Millington
Club Support Roles
Public Officer: Keith Adams
Bulletin Editor: Robert Brookes
Assistant Secretary: Marie Rothe
Sergeants: Patrick Haydn, John Semmler, Rick Kessner, John Little, Phil Martin (on LOA), David West, Ray Fiebiger
Website, Social Media: Keith Millington
Public Image / Marketing: Sandie Simons, Steve Ahrens, Anne Schilling
PHF Recommendations: Peter Sich, John Little, Peter Frazer, Keith Adams, President (Sandie Simons)
Friends of the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley: Sue Graetz
Police Checks and Child Protection Officer: Prue Maitland
Clothing Bin Roster: Peter Thomas
Club Program Co-ordinator: Keith Adams
Club History: Grant Schuyler
Great Revival Shop Rep: Bev Stephenson
Ring Pulls: Bryce Lillecrapp, Bill Simons, Mark Graetz
Awards Committee: PDGs Robert Brookes, Peter Thomas
Sheds and Trailers: Mark Graetz, Peter Sich
Local Government Liaison: AG Bill Simons



Duty Roster
Meeting 3313
Tanunda Hotel
Meeting 3314
Tanunda Hotel
Prue Maitland
Anne Schilling
Loyal Toast
Patrick R. Haydn
Geoff Schrapel
John Semmler 
Rick Kessner
4-Way Test
Robert Brookes
Grant Schuyler
Keith Millington
Prue Maitland
Paul Jupp
Casey Miles
Wood burning Art
Robert Brookes
Robert Brookes
Setting up
Mark Graetz
Sue Graetz
Mark Graetz
Sue Graetz
Clothing Bins
         Angaston          P.Haydn
J. Dunn

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