2019-20 Issue 10    Meeting No. 3192
29 August 2019
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Truro Op Shop Meeting - Truro Town Hall

Dinner is about to be served!
On Thursday, 29 August 2019 Rotarians all traipsed off to the Truro Town Hall to visit the Truro Op Shop which operates from the hall.  We were welcomed by Sally Goers Fox on behalf of the Op Shop and later addressed by Chris Fox, Treasurer of Truro District Community Association.  
Chris informed us that there was a new member for Dutton, a 'thriving community'.  This new member had petitioned for speed limits in Dutton and it has become a permanent change.  He also warned us that the bridge is being replaced with road closures to last three months.
Onto the Truro District Community Association.  Chris said they are a progressive association.  He thanked the Rotary Club for all their hard work with collecting, sorting and presenting clothing items because the Op Shop now has a steady income which, together with a grant from the Mid-Murray Council, has ameliorated business costs for power etc but also helped pay to modernise the Town Hall with the purchase of three split-cycle air-conditioning units and the installation of ceiling insulation.  The modernisation of the hall will affect generations to come, he said.
He also outlined the intention of building a highway bypass to Truro and the installation of the Globe Link rail which would run from Dry Creek past Tanunda to Minarto creating a 24-hour link to the freight airport, both which will have a huge impact on Truro.
Next Chris addressed the question of pressures for housing mounting with the Barossa 'filling up' and said they were well placed to handle growth and changes to the highway.  He finished by proudly saying that Truro was a bustling and attractive place to live and thanks to Rotary's assistance, the association can 'bear to dream'.
The evening wound up with Sally returning to tell us there had been a few changes to the op shop since our last visit; new mobile racks, the front room linoleum had been pulled up and wooden floors installed and a little museum telling the story of the town with emphasis on the history of the Red Cross and veterans memorial section.  She finished by saying they were still waiting for wifi.
Our final speaker was Craig Boston, the town mechanic.  He told us he moved to Truro in 2010 after FIFO-ing for most of his working life to open the garage.  He set up the business with state of the art equipment and the latest diagnostics and now employs two people full time.  He told us of his work with the Royal Flying Doctors and the Oz Outback Odyssey.  He concluded by saying it is exciting times for Truro, a town that embraced a business which started as a hobby and grew into a business bringing money into the town.
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Welcome home to Rotarians Peter Sich and Grant Schuyler!  We look forward to hearing all about your travels in due course.
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