Meeting 3310
 October 5th 2023 Tanunda Hotel
Gordon R. McInally
RI President 2023/24
Theme for the month of October
Community Economic Development
Quote of the Month 
                     Rotary Says No to Domestic Violence 
 Our club’s team hopes to incorporate our walk in the Tanunda Christmas Parade. 
All 20 districts throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Southwest Pacific have joined forces to combat the disturbingly common crisis of domestic and family violence. The article in the September RDU page 6-9 is well worth reading and tells the frightening story experienced by Rotarian David Harmon of the Ballina-on-Richmond Rotary club. He attended the memorial of a friend's sister who was tragically murdered in Melbourne in front of her three children. That night Dave spoke to his wife about making domestic and family violence the main focus of his year as President. A few months later, 800 people walked down the main street of Ballina marking the start of the club's campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence. "During this year's International 16 Days of Activism, held from November 25 to Dec 10, the Rotary Club of Ballina-on-Richmond is asking clubs to unite with their community and organise activities that will help raise awareness of domestic violence."
President Sandie wrote in bulletin 3309 that Rotary Says No to Domestic Violence, bringing to our community’s attention that violence within the home is a real and local problem, how to recognise it and where to go for help, potentially saving the lives of adults and children. Taking part in a walk through the Barossa Valley is one way that we can support this program. (see above)
President Sandie's Spiel
It is with great sadness that I write this report on last Thursday’s meeting.
In tragic circumstances we have lost our Immediate Past President Peter Perkins, a devoted husband, father and grandfather, a dear friend, and a valued member of Rotary and in particular the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley. Peter’s dedication and enthusiasm for Rotary serves as an example to us all, and like so many others in our community, Bill and I will forever treasure his friendship.
Welcome to Mike Connors
I was honoured for the second meeting in a row to welcome a new member into our club. Mike Connors, whose membership was proposed by Bryce and Bronwyn Lillecrapp, expressed his desire to support the community, and we look forward to spending time with Mike on Rotary projects, and enjoying each other’s company.
Guest Speaker
Rachel Golder, former University Scholarship Awardee, gave an inspiring presentation on her academic and career achievements, and expressed her appreciation for being awarded our Scholarship.
Progress of the “Rotary Says No To Domestic Violence” project
The District Rotary Says No To Domestic Violence committee have invited us to walk with them on Saturday 25th November along King William Street in the city.
Please join me and Bill in this walk – I’d love to see a few of our members participating, and we can carpool to and from Adelaide if that suits.
Our club project team will get together again soon, and I’m hoping we can secure space to walk in the Tanunda Christmas Parade.
Erfan Abidi’s presentation 19th October
Our next meeting on 19th October is going to be extra special, with Erfan speaking about his program for educating girls and women in Afghanistan.
As this is a usual club meeting night, but at a different venue, we need to book tables for our club members and friends (within the reserved space). Please advise Mark Graetz or Sue Graetz whether OR NOT you will be attending, and any guests you will be bringing. No need to use the Humanitix link on the invitation to book tickets, that is just for other invited guests and members of the public. We’re also placing a notice in the 11th October edition of The Leader.
The Vine Inn dining room will be opened a little earlier than usual, so those who wish to have a meal before the presentation will have time to do so in the reserved area before the presentation opens at 7.00pm.
The Board agreed that this should be a free event, and Erfan is a very engaging speaker, so please bring along your family and friends.
Zone 8 Regionalisation Pilot : Regional Community Groups
We need to submit our preferences for the type of Community Group we want to belong to. We must choose a Primary Group, and we can also choose a Secondary Group. To help us understand and find out more about the groups, DGE Marie-louise will host Zoom meetings on Wednesday 11th October at 7pm, and Sunday 15th October at 4pm. Links to register will be emailed out to you within the next few days.
                         Scholarship Recipient Rachael Golder
 Rachael's presentation dated back to 2019 when she received her scholarship from our club. She grew up in Nuriootpa and attended Redeemer Lutheran School followed by Nuriootpa High School. After graduating High School, she went straight to University of South Australia and studied a Bachelor of Primary Education with Honours, which was a four-year degree. She also studied to get her Lutheran accreditation so that she could teach in Lutheran Schools. The Rotary scholarship was a significant support in helping with the many financial costs involved with Uni. Every person gets a maximum of three attempts to successfully pass each exam, so having her scholarship money to put towards those exams was greatly appreciated.  The second year of her degree went smoothly for about three weeks before COVID-19 hit. Suddenly all of her in-person course content was having to be adapted and made into recorded video lectures or zoom classes. As part of her course, she had to produce videos which were sent to some primary schools around Adelaide so that their students could watch and use at home and in school. Overall, she was lucky to have the technology to be able to continue her work and studies. Her third year stepped up with the amount of work she was expected to complete and started increasing with much bigger assignments and longer readings outside of contact hours. She was placed with a year 5/6 class at Gawler District College. She had a fantastic mentor teacher who had incredibly high expectations which ultimately has helped her be ready to have her own class this year. Her fourth year was Honours year which involved lots of academic and research-based subjects. One of her fourth-year courses was specialisation in the Arts. The Uni got us to do a project where we could work in any school on an arts project of our choice. I ended up doing my project at Redeemer Lutheran School.
 "Looking back on university experiences and placements, it stands out to me just how special it is to return back to my home community in the Barossa to teach and give back to the community I grew up in. Because of Rotary’s generosity, I am blessed to be working back here in the Barossa and to keep giving back to our community."
Rachael’s article was much longer than this. Her entire presentation came from a young lady who will continue to benefit from her teaching skills. She appreciated the generosity of support for our Uni students. "I know that we all really appreciate the financial support that allows us to manage University costs and daily living costs when undertaking full time study."  It "shows that your support goes beyond financial support to a deep care of us as individuals and a deep care for the future of the Barossa." 
        Rachael, there is a seat available for you whenever you're able to join us.
 Special Meeting Thursday 19th October Vine Inn arrive                                 no later than 7.00 pm.
                   Guest Speaker Erfan Abidi
              To Members and Friends of Rotary Club of Barossa Valley
              Please share with your networks of family, friends etc.
As 19th October is a usual club meeting night, but at a different venue, we need to book tables for our club members and friends within the reserved space. Do not use the Humanitix link on the invitation to book tickets - you only need to advise Mark Graetz or Sue Graetz whether OR NOT you will be attending, and any guests you will be bringing.
If you and your guests wish to have a meal before the presentation, which will start at 7.15pm, please arrive at 6pm and book and pay for your meal to be delivered to your table. We would prefer to have the tables cleared by 7.00pm, when others will be joining us in the reserved space.
If you have any questions please contact me via email ( or phone (0417 833 691).
    Thank you for giving to The Rotary Foundation!
Editor's note - I've received the following thank you from The Rotary Foundation. Other members from our Barossa Valley Club may have received a similar thank you.
"Last Rotary year, because of your support and your dedication to Doing Good in the World, together, we funded more than 1,100 global grants, 470 district grants, and 310 disaster response grants. To make this work possible, we rely on donors like you. Your generosity helped us raise more than US$427 million, which will continue to help communities thrive through sustainable, life-changing projects.
Gifts from donors like you are making a big impact in communities around the world. Thanks to your generosity, Rotary members can continue improving people’s health, supporting high-quality education, protecting the environment, and aiding communities affected by disasters. Together, we continue to accomplish all of this great work while remaining committed to solving some of the world’s most complex problems, including eradicating polio to make sure children are free from its devastating effects. With your support, we can continue to unite and take action to create lasting change.
Your donations make Doing Good in the World possible. Thank you, for strengthening both your own community and communities everywhere."
                                Induction of Michael Connors
Welcome to Michael Connors inducted into our club by President Sandie at last night's meeting. Born in Broken Hill in 1958. Working life in Broken Hill, then moved to Adelaide in 1990 and worked at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital as a Dialysis Technical officer. Remained in the hospital industry until 2021 when he and his wife Kathy moved to Nuriootpa. Now on leave and planning retirement.  Not a bad start as a new Rotarian with two prizes off the Rotary Wheel. Welcome to our Rotary Club Michael.
The Rotary Club of Seaford has sent the following Christmas gift ideas to all clubs in our District 9510. President Sandie is keen to see this in our bulletin. One of our members may be willing to promote sale of these products. 
Steve Ahrens is looking after our meeting on the 2nd of November 2023. It will be held in Lyndoch across the road from Lyndoch Motors. Guest speaker is Darren Trott and a brief on his life now follows. 
Darren Trott has come full circle. Born and bred in Adelaide, Darren relocated to Sydney in 1997 and then again to Melbourne in 1999.
Being out of town for 24 years didn’t stop Darren’s passion for the Barossa Valley and collecting its unique early settlement furniture, as well as his lifelong devotion to performing as a singer, guitarist, bass player and drummer.
His corporate career as a senior insurance executive got in the way of these pursuits until 2016, when he finally became a full-time antique dealer and professional musician. Darren managed to squeeze in 100 live performances in his last year in corporate life.
Just prior to the global pandemic, Darren was headhunted to join the executive leadership of one of Australia’s largest insurance builders. In 2020 he and his partner Robyn fulfilled a decade's long ambition to own an old Barossa property with the purchase of Lyndoch Grand, and in 2021 they finally returned home to SA, resettling in Willaston and becoming actively involved in the Southern Barossa community.
Darren continues to juggle corporate life while wheeling and dealing in antiques; he performs with The Leisure Lovers as singer and guitarist and operates Lyndoch Grand as a luxury group accommodation business.
Darren joined the committee of the Southern Barossa Business Alliance two years ago and actively promotes the town of Lyndoch and the local businesses here.
Attendance Reports - 5th October 2023 
Members       21          
Friends            1           
Partners          1 
Guests             1         
Total                24  
Apologies LOA.  14      
Birthdays for October
David Adams           13th October
Bronwyn Lillecrapp 24th     "
Geoff Zerk               25th     "
Date joined Rotary.
None recorded for October.
No photo description available.
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley
Current Committee Structure on 3/7/2023


President: .....................................................  Sandie Simons
Immediate Past President: ............................ Peter Perkins
President Elect: ............................................. Steve Ahrens
Treasurer: ...................................................... Mark Graetz
Secretary: ...................................................... Bev Stephenson
Vocational: ....................................................  David West
Community: ...................................................  Keith Millington
Membership .................................................... Sue Graetz
International: ................................................. Peter Thomas
New Generations: ........................................... Prue Maitland
2025 Barossa Airshow: ................................... Keith Millington
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation: .....  Grant Schuyler
Vocational Committee
Team Leader: David West
4 + 3
David Adams
Mark Graetz (also Treasurer)
Grant Schuyler
Karin Bosomworth
Phil Graetz
Ian Falkenberg
Rohan Semmler
Community Committee
Team Leader: Keith Millington
8 + 3
James Dunn
Hans Haan
John Little
Geoffrey Schrapel
Peter Sich
Geoff Zerk
Philip Martin (on LOA)
David Braunack
Elly Monfries
John Monfries
Membership Committee
Team Leader: Sue Graetz
4 + 0
Peter Perkins
Steve Ahrens
International Committee
Team Leader: Peter Thomas
9 + 2
Keith Adams
Ray Fiebiger
Rick Kessner
Max Rasmus
Patrick Ritchie-Hayden
Anne Schilling
Bryce Lillecrapp
Bronwyn Lillecrapp
Bruce Dutschke
Russell Johnson
New Generations Committee
Team Leader: Prue Maitland
4 + 2
Beverley Stephenson
John Semmler
Don Farley (on LOA)
Police Checks Recorder and Child Protection: Prue Maitland
Sandy Carruthers
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation
Chair: Grant Schuyler
Secretary: John Semmler
Treasurer: Rick Kessner
Mark Graetz
Don Farley
Prue Maitland
Club President 
Club Vocational Chair 
2025 Barossa Airshow
Chair: Keith Millington
Club Support Roles
Public Officer: Keith Adams
Bulletin Editor: Robert Brookes
Assistant Secretary: Marie Rothe
Sergeants: Patrick Haydn, John Semmler, Rick Kessner, John Little, Phil Martin (on LOA), David West, Ray Fiebiger
Website, Social Media: Keith Millington
Public Image / Marketing: Sandie Simons, Steve Ahrens, Anne Schilling
PHF Recommendations: Peter Sich, John Little, Peter Frazer, Keith Adams, President (Sandie Simons)
Friends of the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley: Sue Graetz
Police Checks and Child Protection Officer: Prue Maitland
Clothing Bin Roster: Peter Thomas
Club Program Co-ordinator: Keith Adams
Club History: Grant Schuyler
Great Revival Shop Rep: Bev Stephenson
Ring Pulls: Bryce Lillecrapp, Bill Simons, Mark Graetz
Awards Committee: PDGs Robert Brookes, Peter Thomas
Sheds and Trailers: Mark Graetz, Peter Sich
Local Government Liaison: AG Bill Simons




Duty Roster
Meeting 3311
Vine Inn
Meeting 3312
Peter Frazer
Mark Graetz
Loyal Toast
Sue Graetz
Bryce Lillecrapp
Ray Fiebiger
Not required
4-Way Test
James Dunn
Not required
Steve Ahrens
Steve Ahrens
Erfan Abidi
Darren Trott
Educating women in
Lyndoch Grand
Robert Brookes
Robert Brookes
Setting up
Mark Graetz
Sue Graetz
Mark Graetz
Sue Graetz
Clothing Bins
         Angaston           P.Martin            J.Little

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