Posted by Keith Millington
The Barossa Valley Machinery Preservation Society Visit

Members visited the Barossa Valley Machinery Preservation Society at their Angaston shed.
The BVMPS was formed in 1976 by a group of like-minded persons, spearheaded by Kev Rohrlach, who were interested in the collection and preservation of historic farms and industrial equipment.

Rotarians Mark Graetz and Phil Martin with BVMPS member John Anderson gave us a guided tour of their facilities. The picture shows Mark alongside a vintage road roller.
Originally the BVMPS did not own any equipment or premises as it was a group of collectors. Over the years, however, the BVMPS has received donated items and also purchased various items of significance to the local area. As a result, a storage facility was needed as most items were stored a various members' properties. The BVMPS secured storage at the old Laucke Mill’s grain store but this was far from ideal and it was during this time that a suitable site for their own facility was being investigated. Eventually, they were able to negotiate a site at the disused Angaston Railway station.
Fundraising, a grant from Barossa Council, members' contributions and a significant loan from the council saw the commencement in 2018 of the 900 sq metre storage shed as it stands today at a total cost of $320,000. The shed houses BVMPS equipment plus equipment from club members as was explained by John Anderson. Among the items is a 1500hp Blackstone engine which came from ABC broadcasting and hopefully in the not too distant future will be going again.
A highlight of the visit was when Phil Martin started the vintage Garford truck using a shotgun cartridge and a hammer.
It was a well attended vocational visit on 10/2/22 to BVMPS. Attendees enjoyed an excellent two-course meal for $15. Special thanks to David West who provided the scrumptious Sticky Date Puddings. The charge of $20 also included a fee/donation of $5 per attendee to BVMPS.
The work that has gone into the BVMPS is a credit to the committee and volunteers who have rounded up a huge amount of old farm machinery and implements, which members continue to improve and repair.   Well worth a visit.