The Barossa Valley Rotary Club will be hosting the 2021 Barossa Air Show
on 11th April 2021, subject to COVID-19 restrictions.
The Barossa Air Show is being hosted by The Barossa Valley Rotary Club. After many years of being hosted by the St Jakobi School, the school has decided not to continue with the Air Show so the Barossa Valley Rotary Club will take over.
We are in difficult times with the pandemic dominating our lives and some uncertainty about how long the pandemic will last. With this in mind, we will be organising the event with a "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." philosophy. The planning and preparation will continue over the next few months but there will always be a watchful eye on the pandemic situation. If the conditions permit we will hold the Airshow on 11th April, which is the week after Easter, the first week of school holidays and the weekend before the Vintage Festival.
Prepare for a family day of aircraft and fun. Our Airside presentation will be organised by Stephen Ahrens, an accredited Airshow organiser who will ensure great entertainment in the air, lots of aircraft to inspect on the ground and all covered by the CASA regulations.
On the ground, there will be refreshment, food, entertainment, stalls and opportunities to find out more about aircraft and the Barossa community. 
Many not for profit organisations will have their wares on display so that it will be an opportunity to promote the vast and varied features of the Barossa Valley.
More information from the Barossa Airshow Web Page