The 2021 Airshow has been completed and was an amazing success in all departments.
It was a lot of hard work by the management committee who had to learn the process and cope with the additional load of meeting COVID - 19 requirements. The final result was a spectacular event that raised a significant amount of money that will be spent on the Barossa Valley community.
Some of the aerial action from the Show. (Not all at the same time)
It was the first time that we had done the Airshow and we relied heavily on the Airside Manager, Steve Ahrens, for guidance, advice, direction and support as Steve has been part of the Barossa Airshow since its inception.
The picture to the left shows Steve with his Company Logo as Lyndoch Motors is one of our Silver Sponsors.
The workload was divided among 13 committee members, but there was a lot of cross-boundary participation just to ensure the work was done on time. Right from the start, we wanted the Airshow to be a community event so that we invited not for profit community groups to participate wherever we could. If a not for profit group was not available we offered local businesses to take part so that we were a truly "By the Barossa, for the Barossa " community event.
The Final Result.
We estimate that the Barossa Airshow generated about $60,000 for the Barossa Community. We can not give an exact figure as we only have an estimate of the takings for some of the not for profit groups so we could only do an educated guess at the total funds raised by the Barossa Airshow,
The Rotary Club of Barossa Valley will be distributing the funds raised to the various charities and community groups in the near future, keep an eye on the Facebook page and the Leader newspaper for more details.
The main beneficiaries are:
Barossa Area Fund Raisers for Cancer (BAFRC) 
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley Foundation supporting Barossa Youth at University 
Foundation Barossa Youth Homeless Project 
Dog Park Shelter.
Volunteer organisations who assisted us on the day,
We were grateful for the assistance from our Sponsors
The next  Barossa Airshow will be April 2023.
Put it in your diary and keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page